Saturday, January 9, 2010

More Ghetto Kitchen Goodness...With Lights!

So, we have a ghetto fab kitchen....but the problem was, that with the one single bright ceiling light in the center of the ceiling when ever you were working at one of the 'workstations' you shadowed it and it was hard to see. It was especially hard to see at the sink-stove area. Something had to be done.....Enter the ghetto lighting...

One thing we missed from our old wonderful super-fab kitchen was the under cabinet lighting. We kept finding ourselves instinctively reaching for the under cabinet switch when working at the counter under our lone kitchen cabinet. A quick trip to Home Despot yielded a 3-puck line voltage halogen under cabinet light kit.

The kit came with 3 lights but I couldn't for the life of me figure out what to do with the 3rd so we'll keep it as a spare. As it is I fabbed up an angled mounting bracket for one of them out of a scrap piece of 2by6...Ghetto!

But the results are certainly not ghetto. Check out how well lit the counter top underneath the cabinet is! And the counter top over the dishwasher! Doesn't that 'homemade' pizza look good under the warm halogen lights! As you can see behind Irene the sink-stove area is still pretty dark.

We needed a ceiling light over the sink-stove area but we didn't want something too bright. Here's me measuring out from the wall to center the light over the work area.

We went with this 2' long double fluorescent light that uses T-8 bulbs. It came with a cover and I figured it wouldn't look too shop-lighty.

Here's me doing some ghetto fab wiring. I hung it from the wall on one hook and wired it up with lamp cord...

Wiring's done! Doesn't that look classy! You can barely see the white lamp cord on the wall.

Putting the final installation touches on the light. It took me longer to put the diffuser on than it did to hang the dang thing!!!

Another example of ghetto awesomeness. The in-line switch couldn't fit the lamp cord so I only put the hot wire through the switch. Well, hopefully its the hot wire, as the plug I used is not polarized so depending on how its plugged in I could be switching the which one is the neutral? The marked or unmarked wire???

Here's the fabulous light installed and turned on! Notice anything strange about the light? Does the color look a bit off perhaps? It doesn't really show in this photo in the daylight but the light bulbs were crazy hurts your eyes blueish purple! You couldn't even look at it for very long....

Turns out, at Pagano's the only type of lights they carry in this size are grow lights!!! Which were clearly not marked as such! Had to go back to home despot to get some regular fluorescent bulbs. See the difference in color! Crazy!

And here's a shot of the light with the correct bulbs installed. Its a little cool white but its fine.

Now, check out how bright our kitchen is! The sink-stove area is so brightly lit that I realized that I need to do a better job of cleaning around the washer and dryer. Irene washed the baby tonight and everything was brightly lit and THAT BABY GOT CLEAN!


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The MadScientist said...

Wow, how does a spammer trying to sell Manila condo's find this little blog? And how do they think posting on here is going to help them exactly?