Saturday, February 20, 2010

Remodeling Renderings.

All the posts lately have been pretty word-tastic so I thought I'd do post with lots of pictures!
These are pictures I dug up from the cd-rom Winans Construction gave us. For some idiotic reason they were saved as .bmp files? Who the heck uses that file format for digital images anymore? I had to convert them all to a more sensible and much smaller .jpg.

The Outside of the House

Here's a back view or the south view of the house. Dig those two tiny looking windows way up high. I really like the stained glass transom over our little french doors to our new deck! I like how they even pulled off a reasonable facsimile of our sunken patio. You can just see the new dormer on the upper left corner.

South view from a slightly different angle. You can see the new stairs coming down. One thing I'm not convinced about is the placement of these new stairs. They start way farther in than our current stairs and take up a large chunk of our new deck.

Top view of the house. You can see both new dormers and the skylights on the far side. you can also see how much of our deck the stairs take up. That deck space there next to the stairs is like 4' deep. I guess that's big enough to be useful for something? I like how the new windows in the kitchen line up with the existing windows on the bottom floor and how the windows in the closets line up with those.

This 3/4 front view shows that the new windows and dormer on the back of the house are not so intrusive right? They look like they've always been there right?

Other side of the house 3/4 view. All the windows here are original in this weird mish-mash pattern. The two small windows on the top floor are new and in Tasha's bathroom. They certainly don't throw off the symmetry of this side of the house. Man this side of the house is ugly. Guess I'm glad that in real life this view is impossible as its blocked by fences, and garages.

The Master Bedroom

Here's a shot of the master bedroom. The doors on either side of the bed are pocket doors leading into the his and hers closets which are housed inside one of the new dormers.

The other side of the master bedroom in the new dormer. This shows our super cool built for two window bench seat with storage and storage cabinets on either side. In the afternoons sun will flood this area and it'll be a great place to while away a few minutes reading with the family. The door on the left that you can just barely see is the door to the master bath.

The Master Bath

This is a weird shot of what it would look like if you were standing in the shower looking out at the rest of the bathroom. You can see the tiny windows with the big trim which I think is super silly, and Irene's claw foot tub.

This is the view from the tub looking back at the bathroom. In this final version the steam shower is a bit smaller but the toilet is moved over behind it so its out of the way.

Laundry Area

This is a shot of the landing-laundry room at the top of the stairs. This shows the two new skylights we want to add to this area plus the washer and dryer. Right now theres a door at the top of the stairs and a wall about where the back of the washer is. Its very closed off and we hope that by opening this up we will be able to get bigger furniture up the stairs.

The Kitchen
Ahh, our lovely, lovely, did we pour our heart and souls into making this the super best-est kitchen ever...

This is the view from the french doors looking back at the dining nook. Look how high the windows are...I wonder if they're even be room to put them that High in reality...they're gonna need headers under them. I hope the designer took that into account... love the tin ceiling and the crown.

View from the dining nook looking back at the kitchen. That's a lot of cabinets. We just dug-up an old estimate for a cabinet place we found to make and install all the cabinets you see here plus a couple you can't see....guess how much it was? $28,000!! Actually a darn good price as it includes the custom dining area storage benches.

View from the prep sink looking back. Like all those windows along the south wall and the stained glass transom over the french doors. Also like how all the windows line up. Not sure about using the tin ceiling as a back-splash behind the stove..might be a royal pita to clean.

View from the doorway looking in. Look at all those windows! We're not going to need any lighting in the mornings. We also better make sure that there's something interesting to look at. Look how the back of the bench seat becomes the back-splash for the sink!

Tasha's Room

Here's a view from the bed looking back at the room. The doors on the left are (from the left) closet, room, bathroom. You can also see her desk-study area at the window and her built-in bookcases. Love the funky roof lines don't you?

Another view showing Tasha's bed and her built-in dresser.

Love this view as it shows Tasha's own person reading nook. Love how the designer couldn't get the wainscoting to follow the correct path.

Tasha's Bathroom

Not very exciting but the bath does fit everything our daughter will need. Though I think that the shower-tub controls are going to have to be swapped to the other side as the pocket door is supposed to slide into that wall...kinda hard to do when the wall is full of plumbing? Or I guess we could make that wall super thick?

View from the shower. Not a lot of space here but it meets code requirements.

That's it for now. We're still trying to get Winans Construction to uphold the contract we signed with them....but it's not looking good.

We're still trying to decide between two different contractors to actually do this build.

Trying to decide where the money is going to come from... ;)


Auntie Sue said...

Hi guys! I think that although these views don't show the hundreds of hours of thinking, planning, designing and re-designing efforts that led up to them, they do show what will be a stunning, practical, comfortable, and BEAUTIFUL Victorian-style house when completed. I'm SO GLAD you found a way to make it financially within the realm of possibility and I just know that you won't regret your decision to go forward with remodeling this house.
As I read through this, I had the following miscellaneous thoughts/comments:
1. Does the right-hand refrigerator door open past 90 degrees? (would require frig door being forward of the counter-top I think. We have a similar situation in our kitchen and the problem with not being able to open the door more than 90 degrees is that we can't pull the drawers (veggie,meat) on the bottom all the way out for cleaning, etc. Also the deep shelves on the inside of the door (on ours) limit the ability to slide a wide tray or container which would otherwise fit on the main frig shelves into the space. Irene, it's the same problem your Mom had at the holiday party at their house trying to get the sandwich platter trays into her frig (if you saw it).
2. While removing the wall in the laundry area certainly would open it up and allow for bigger furniture to move up the stairs, I would worry about stuff (including and especially Tasha!) falling off the top of the washer and dryer and over the back side. I suppose you could (and maybe you were planning to) put up a (removeable) railing or something after the furniture gets up there.
3. Is Tasha's closet a walk-in?

The MadScientist said...

Hi Aunt Sue,

I'll answer you quesitons in sequence.
1. Our fridge has hinges that allow it to open past 90 if theres like 1/2" clearance on either side of the doors.
2 The washer and dryer would be about 3' tall so its really like a really thick wall. We just won't let Tasha sit up there. But maybe a small black splash type of thing would be a good idea to keep clothes from sliding off.

3. Tasha's closet is kinda a step in not a walk in as its deeper than it is wide.