Monday, February 8, 2010

Still No Resolution on the Design-Build Front...

Okay so I've been waiting patiently for over two weeks to hear back from Winans Construction about the letter I posted about last time.... No joy, as of yet and I'm reaching the end of my rope, so I sent them one last nice letter, which is below.

It’s been over two weeks since I sent the letter below. I’m resending it now in case there was some sort of email error.

I would appreciate a response as to what you plan to do to remedy this situation ASAP. As always, I can be reached by phone at the number in my signature.

I’ve done some digging around in the cd-rom included with the documents. I found the engineers missing 4th drawing in its raw jpg format. It would appear that it was just left off the final plans?

I’ve done some preliminary checking and even with me fixing all the issues in the plan set with Chief Architect it will cost me much more than I owe on this contract to have another engineer come along behind yours and finish the work. This is not an outcome I will be particularly pleased with.

If I do not hear from you and we do not have a satisfactory solution worked out by the end of the week expect to hear from my lawyer soon after that.

Daniel Neumansky

As the letter above states I did find the mystery roof framing plan that all the GC's I've been talking to were asking about. The call-outs in the plans actually refer to this drawing! So, it looks like Winans Construction just forgot about it!?!?!?!?! I also found the cabinet schedule on the cd-rom now if I could just find the finish schedule somewhere that would be awesome.

I just love how the drawing is broken up into two separate drawings that the designer at Winans Construction has to then paste back together in the plans and make them look professional...though I honestly have doubhts that hand-drawn plans can be ever made to look professional...

Back half of the house...

I'm starting to get seriously grumpy about seems more and more obvious to me that Winans Construction was just hoping that I would go away and forget about this?

Readers, am I being somehow unfair in demanding that they finish the contract we both signed and agreed on?

Am I asking too much? Geez...

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