Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bugs in Our Foam?

Oh My!!

I've been meaning to write about this for a while. I noticed a while back what looks like neat little ant hills formed in the foam that is insulating our radiant slab.

You can just see in the center of this pic the hole and the neatly chewed foam. The hole is big enough to stick my pinkie in and it curves sharply to the left.

Where there is another hole!

I've been watching these holes for a while now and I've never seen anything come in or out and the amount of chewed up foam has not appeared to change.

It looks like some kind of bug/bugs chewed their way into the foam and out again? I've heard that in places where there are termites and carpenter ants that they love to tunnel and make nests/hives/ whatevers in the foam. I really hope that this is not what is happening here. If the bugs chewed down through this foam and where able to chew through the water proofing layer they would be able to make a ginormous nest in the 2" thick foam that is under our slab...

But, like I said I haven't seen any indication that this is an active nest for whatever?? I'd guess termites maybe? Just to make sure I'm going to flood the hole with a borate treatment to make sure the little buggers are gone.

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