Thursday, April 22, 2010

Garden Report for April 22nd

Oh wait, I forgot, we don't have a garden.....I must be thinking of the peeps at Casa Decrepit...

Happy Earth Day Everybody!!!

But check out our shared fence with our wonderful neighbors. That's their Jasmine and Nasterstions (i have no idea how to spell that word) on the fence. Nasterstion flowers are quite tasty and add a peppery zing to salads.

Our little pomegranate that we put in the ground recently seems to be doing well. Its not exactly taking off like a rocket but it looks pretty good after I cut away the dead wood and suckers.

Our supercool neighbors Denise, Robin and their dog Jiggy gave us some black bamboo that they divided.

Its been in the ground like a month and has already grown like a foot. We hope it will spread and hide our neighbors fugly falling apart garage that's built right on the property line...

In honor of Earth Day I drove all over heck and back buying tomato plants.

The little tiny tomato plants in these big giant pots look kinda funny but here's hoping we get a bumper crop.

We choose unusual varieties that you can't get in the store. This one is a sun sugar yellow cherry tomato. We hope it goes nuts and we can train it down the handrail on the steps.

this little tiny guy is a green zebra. When ripe they are green and yellow striped like a zebra. The pots are on stands right now with the idea that as the plants get taller we'll lower the stands until the pots are sitting on the deck and we can drape the tomatoes over the railings and hopefully have them cascade down. It'll be a multi-color tomato waterfall (maybe).

this guy in the corner of the deck is a pineapple tomato. They are yellow and pink when ripe. The picture looks more like a grapefruit to me but who would want a 'grapefruit' tomato?

this pot has basil and two types of hot peppers so we can make salsa with our fresh tomatoes!

Here's an overview shot of our 'garden' taken from the third floor.

One thing that I've still got to figure out is how in the heck we're going to keep these things watered... We don't have a hose bib anywhere on the back of the house!
Since our neighbors wonderful tree fell down we have a lot of southern exposure which should just roast these plants. Which is good for tomatoes and peppers right? As long as you keep them watered. I just discovered that we have a bunch of drip irrigation stuff left over from the old house maybe we can rig something up? We'll get Noel from Casa Decrepit to rig us up an Internet enabled watering timer!

We also decided to join one of those hippy organic farm co-ops. Where you give them money and they deliver to your door a box of organic goodness. We're going for one box a month to start with of mixed fruit-veggies.

This is the bottom layer of the box. Looks good no? The strawberries and the apples and tangelos are super tasty.

This is the top layer of the box...Anybody know what to do with a big bunch of chard? We also got a giant bunch of celery....guess we're going to have to figure out what to do with that also....

That's it for now I know y'all are going to look forward to in-progress pics of the tomatoes.


Gene said...


I planted some tomato seeds of different sorts a couple weeks ago.

Jessamyn said...

Celery is good sauteed, actually.

And - it's 'nasturtium'! One of the things I miss about California: nasturtiums that grow like weeds and turn their happy faces up to the sun.

But I do have lilacs in compensation!

Kitt said...

Those fence vines sure are pretty!

You can treat chard just as you do spinach. It's a similar taste, but with less oxalic acid. Separate the stems from leaves and chop up both. Sautee some minced onion and garlic, throw in the stems and then the leaves. Add a splash of water or chicken broth and cover for 8-10 minutes. Serve as a side dish or over pasta with parm.

It's really good creamed, too.

Kitt said...

In a timely fashion: Creamed chard

Mark said...

That's a nice shot of Noel's car across the street!

The MadScientist said...

Thanks guys for the correct spelling. I couldn't even get it close enough for the spell checker to figure it out.

Wow Mark, good eye on Noel's car. You should see it when Noel makes that hoopty dance on its hydralics!