Saturday, April 24, 2010

Never Use Willson Bailey Construction!!

A Crook Is A Crook Is A Crook!!

As a public service I feel I need to point out a foundation contractor that everyone should stay away from.

The contractors name is Willson Bailey Construction 2879 Humphrey Avenue Richmond, CA 94804 - (510) 236-7796

The kids down the street at Casa Decrepit have chronicled their huge foundation fiasco as it happened.

They recently settled out of court with the crook and as part of their settlement they are not allowed to mention his name on their blog or go after his contractors license!

But, their settlement does not stop me from saying things like, 'After reading the saga on the Casa website I firmly believe that Scott Bailey of Willson Bailey Construction is a total honorless crook!!!'.

Since the settlement the Casa kids have been meticulously dissecting the fraud, if you have not already you should read those posts here, here and here.

Just so you know how full of crap the BBB is check out their rating of Willson Bailey Construction. Can you believe these guys got an A+!?!??!




Kate H. said...

I admire A & N's discretion in not linking to this post. But maybe their discretion in this instance is more than moral.

I don't live anywhere near Alameda, California, but I'm sure those who do will be interested to know who Contractor A is.

The MadScientist said...

Well I honestly can't tell if you are saying that me doing a post like this is a good idea or not.

I'm hoping other house bloggers in the area will nut up and do a similar post so these crooks can't screw anybody else over.

Kate H. said...

Actually, I think it was an excellent idea.

(Sorry about the belated reply.)