Friday, April 23, 2010

Take Off Yer Shoes Damn It!

We have this rule in the house about not wearing shoes inside past the doorway. Ya I know it seems a little silly with the house being only 1/3rd habitable but really its the only way to keep the place reasonably know, since we are not the clean-freak types and we can not afford maid service. Besides, think about all the places the bottom of your shoes go. You use a dirty nasty public bathroom then you're going to go walk thru your house on the same floors your baby crawls on? Yuck!

We had a small shelf by the door but it didn't look really good and could not hold enough 'stuff'.

So, in secret for our 11yr anniversary I commissioned a local artist-fine furniture maker by the name of Paul M. to make us something a bit more classy to store our shoes. I think what he came up with is perfect and fits our needs exactly. You won't get him to compete with IKEA on prices but if you want something truly custom and high quality don't hesitate to contact him. He got the job done on time and on budget and I would not hesitate to recommend him.


Check out the finished product installed in our entryway.

The two big cubbies on the bottom corners are sized to fit the ginormous boots Irene wears everyday. There's even six spots left over for guests shoes! That's a huge improvement over what we had before where our little shoe rack was full of our shoes and guests had to throw their shoes on the floor where people would trip over them.

The big drawer is separated into thirds with a spots for my mail, Irene's mail and a power strip to charge our cell phones and camera batteries and what not. The two smaller drawers are full of gloves and sunglasses and assorted brick-a-brac.

Here's a shot of the cabinet coming together in the shop. Paul forgot to take a lot of 'making of' shots so these will have to do.
He used solid cherry and birds-eye maple plywood.

I like this pre-staining shot. You can see the different woods.

Here's a shot after staining.

Complete and in the shop awaiting the low VOC clear finish to cure.

Here it is in our entry way with our cool hall chair where people can sit and take off their shoes in style. You can also check out your outfit in the mirror.

They make a pretty good pair don't they?


irene said...

yup, I got a keeper <3

Joel S. said...

Looks sweet!

Mom said...

I agree with both Irene and Joel. You are a keeper -- and it looks really great. Can't wait to try it out.

Jim said...

We're a no-shoes house as well. We have the same problems and the inclusion of mail bundling and device charging is very clever. That's such a great idea I may steal it for our house! (The idea, not your furniture!)

Gene said...

Awesome! We're a lots of books + mostly no-shoes house, so I built a combination bookshelf, charging station (cell phones and e-bike battery) and shoe storage for by our front door. But yours is way more elegant!

Kate H. said...

Neat idea. And great execution.

Do you supply slippers? The only trouble you're likely to run into is with guests with foot trouble who physically can't walk without their arch supports or their orthopedic shoes.

Slippers would accommodate the former; don't know how you'd work around the latter.

The MadScientist said...

Nope, no slippers, we have heated floors so that should take care of any cold tootsies.

The orthodic shoe thing has yet to come up. What has come up several times is our friends penchant for wearing knee high lace up boots that take 15 min to take off....

Auntie Sue said...

Could have a box of the blue disposable slip on shoe cover thingies for those who don't want to/can't/don't have time to unlace their shoes? What do you do about friend's dogs' feet when they come to visit? Or are you not a dog-friendly house? :(

The MadScientist said...

Nope, no dogs generally allowed in the house.