Thursday, May 20, 2010

Garden Report May 20th

Actually this is mostly pictures that Irene took when she set up the initial watering system...that I didn't know she took and then that I got a little in trouble for not posting on the original drip watering post....something about efforts being glossed over.......ahem....

Here is Irene's super fab drip watering supplies kit all ready to go!

Irene added these flavor crystals to the soil to help retain moisture.

She set up the drip watering rings around the plants.

Hooked the different rings together with a manifold of her own making.

She ran the tubing inconspicuously....see, no trip hazards!

Here are the new adjustable shower head fountains I bought at the despot for a whopping $.97 each.

I yanked off the soaker hose (which was surprisingly hard!) and installed the adjustable shower heads.

There was some fiddling back and forth to get them to all deliver the same amount of water. But look here it is! That's not a bad looking tomato is it?

Nother sexy tomato shot with watering action. This Zebra is looking pretty good no?

and the pineapple tomatoes with the little basil that couldn't.....this plant looks a little funky still.

I left the soaker hose on this last planter cause it was doing a fine job before...though I don't know if it is still cause its kinda hard to tell how much water is being emitted.

So after all that work and getting the water tuned perfectly its been raining off and on for the last several days and I haven't really needed it....of course.

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Mom said...

They are looking "yummy."