Friday, May 7, 2010

Garden Report May 7th

Yes another garden report! Why not!
Because I steal all my best ideas from the casa.
The tomatoes are not doing spectacularly....mostly because it was really hot and I can't seem to remember to water them like I should...

The SunSugars are bigger but there are a lot of black spots and yellow leaves down low? There are several flowers on this plant already.

This is why I liked having a water garden. You never have to water it!!!

The zebra look the best. Its grown a lot and theres no ugly yellow or black spots.

The pineapple tomato has definitely grown the most...but it also looks the worst....the lower leaves are yellowing-dying....but the top half looks great...I hope it makes it...

The basil and peppers pot is looking kinda sad. The peppers don't seem to of grown at all and I think I totally killed the basil...
Doesn't that basil look sad?

But never fear intrepid reader. I've got a basil backup plan. Our local Trader Joe's has these pretty giant basil plants on sale for $2.99. I already forgot to water this one so its a little droopy.....but I have high hopes for its survival.

Just to add insult to injury I think. Our local Safeway has an amazing assortment of heirloom tomato plants for sale in the veggie dept. How weird is that? What really bugs me is that they look great and they all have lots of flowers already. The big one on the right end is a pineapple tomato just like mine! Look how great its doing inside where its not warm and only has fluorescent lighting....its taunting me...

I think this post proves that I need to do a watering system for the pots on the deck if they are to have any hope of actually living and producing fruit. That's one of this weekends tasks-to cobble together some sort of drip watering system.

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