Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Halloween Videos!!!...Finally!!!

So it only took us like uh 8 months to get these up..... Below you will find some action shots of yard.

Before viewing these videos you might want to read this post as it explains our Halloween set-up.

It seems like no matter how hard we plan we can never really capture the essence of Halloween night. We need minions. Its just too much for Irene and me to do while keeping the baby happy....So here's some of the best bits pulled from a really, really large amount of footage.

videoHere's a pretty cool walk through of the main attraction.

videoOur neighbor Clark helping out by passing candy and trying his best to scare folks.

videoBob chatting and scaring some folks.

videoBob in spooky night vision 'giving the business' to some teenagers.

videoHere's a nice overview shot of the yard.

videoHere's a shot of the scarecrow doing his thing...yea its underwhelming but, live and learn...

videoHere's the entire side of the house with the spooky graveyard whispers. You can see Bob in his web and the ghost in the doorway.

videoOn the other side of the house we wanted something so we came up with this Hell Hole idea. It worked out pretty well but after viewing this video I realize we needed some kinda sound effects for this area. Like the screams of the damned and demon noises....its uh, kinda quiet...

Did I mention that we need Minions for this years Halloween? Inquire Within.


Greg said...

only one word: WOW!!!

The MadScientist said...

Thanks Greg.