Saturday, June 12, 2010

In Ode To An Old Tree

Looking at the 'birdseye' views of our house on Zillow I realized that they are using a much older picture of our house than Google does. The pic below was taken even before we owned the house.

Whats important to notice is that the big wonderful 100+ yr old boxwood alder tree is in this pic. Look how HUGE it was when it was healthy. Its as tall as our 3 story house and its canopy is like half the length of our house! It was a wonderful tree with very interesting flowers that shaded our yard and made it a nice place to hang out in and cool off.

Here you can see the two illegal outbuildings the jackass back neighbor built that killed the tree. Boy I hope his illegal laundry room and his illegal garage were worth it. We had such grand plans for the tree. Would of made an awesome place for a tree-house.

Here's whats scary to me. See the house right next to the tree with the little bump-out that's really, REALLY close to the tree? That's our neighbors master bedroom where they were sleeping when the tree fell. If that thing had fallen the wrong way it would of totally crushed them in their sleep! Actually, its sorta amazing that nobody got hurt, that the tree fell in exactly the right spot as to not kill anybody...unfortunately our possessions did take a beating.

I wish the tree would of fallen backwards and crushed his illegal outbuildings...that would of been poetic justice. But I guess there is no justice as the complaint I lodged against him with the building dept appears to of gone nowhere...bummer.

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