Monday, August 9, 2010

Next Task, Flash Rear Door and Install Siding

Ya I know, no super controversial posts about houses for sale....there just hasn't been anything worth reviewing in my book....well, I am thinking about reviewing the several houses on the market that have been on the market for like ages, and they haven't dropped their price....

Next Task- Siding.
Before we can finish the stairs of doom in the back of the house we have to side it. I love old houses where redo'ing the stairs necessitates 27 other barely related tasks...

This is a picture of the new siding on the east side of the house.
The plan is to buy more of this type of siding and install it on the bottom south elevation and use our stock of saved siding to reside the lower west side of the house which we never see. So, make the 2 elevations we look at the most the purty ones....
Problem is, we didn't install this siding and I have no idea how to install siding....

Here's a pic of what the siding looks like. Is this called ship-lap siding? I don't know the manf. but I do know that the local real lumber yard carries it. Its this crazy pre-primed pre-treated for rot and bug infestation stuff that is warrantied for like 20yrs. Its real wood not vinyl or the fiber cement stuff.

I believe its advantage wood by Kelleher.

Here's how the new stuff compares to the original (new stuff on top). Dang I didn't realize that its not exactly the same size...I'll have to check that in the morning maybe this is an optical illusion. The new stuff is also slightly less thick than the original which changes the shadow lines I think....Well I can't tell if its me being overly anal but I swear I can notice the difference in shadow lines.

Here's our supply of old siding...a lot of it gets damaged beyond usability when you remove it....I hope that we have enough to reside the west elevation of the house when we get around to it. This is the best of what we had and if you look close its not all that great...

So, here's the back of the house that I need to reside. You can see the old tar paper that's seen better days.
One question is, I have enough tar paper to go over this section again or I have enough house wrap left over from when the east side was done.

Here's a close up of the Simpson door that I paid a pro to install.
How do I flash this? Without taking the door out. The tar paper wraps around the rough opening. on both long sides.
For some reason I'm having a mental block on the best way to flash this? Any suggestions? I'll be adding exterior trim to this similar to what was done around the windows. I do have enough Dupont flexwrap left over to be useful here I think.
Since the door is on concrete does pan flashing make sense here?

The two main questions are:
1.How does one install siding in general and more specifically siding that is 20' long by oneself.
2. What's the best way to flash the door before I install siding?

Any useful advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Jessamyn said...

The new siding appears to have a much deeper reveal and a steeper slant to the angled portion, which would account for the shadow lines being different. I would save the old siding for anywhere you need to set it alongside the existing or patch it, since the differences would stand out veeeery sharply in those situations!