Friday, September 24, 2010

Burning Man Comes To Alameda Year 2

Over the past labor day weekend we had our 2nd annual 'Old Farts Burning Man Experience'. I don't think that was the official name.....maybe it was, the 'We're too old, tired, and grumpy to go to Burning Man so we're bringing it to us' party?

Anywho, unlike our regular BBQ parties this party started at 6pm so that the bulk of the party would happen after dark.

Here's Natasha doing her level best to sneak into the bar....she likes the wine bottles....You can see on top of the bar the large pitcher of Sangria Irene made. It was the 'drink of the night' and wow was it popular...I think we went thru like 5 bottles of two buck chuck!

Here's a shot early on of all the people who actually showed up on time!
Actually, I included this shot cause what's going on in the lower right corner. Tasha and her bestest pal Virginia are both trying to sneak into the bar!!
Yay!! Double martinis for everyone under 2 yrs old!

Here's a shot of Tasha and daddy, just because. I think that's her pensive look.

A Burning Man Cupcake uh, thingy even showed up! The melted sugar in the cupcakes was meant to look like fire! Best thing about it though, was if you tried to eat it, it would cut you! Safety Third!!!

Once it started to cool off we uncovered the fire pit and sparked it up. Turns out you can make pretty decent jiffy pop over the fire. Trick is, to keep it moving nonstop. I think Gimpy won the prize for best popped corn.

As it got dark we started to light up more and more of the fire art.

We lit up some of the bouquets.


Here's the traditional family fire portrait, this time in front of one of our Reuben's tubes.

Nice shot of the flaming wedding arch. Looks like Gimpy is looking for somebody to get married too....

This is right before Tasha went to bed. Shes in her super cute skull and crossbones pj's.

Just a shot of family, friends and neighbors enjoying the last BBQ of the summer season.

Here's a pretty decent shot of one of the tulips firing off.....Well we had both tulips going on their lowest possible settings for a while....Don't tell a couple of 3rd grade boys that if they press this button they can make 20' fire balls....cause they'll press that button non-stop!
Apparently even though we thought we told all our neighbors what was going on somebody still thought it was the end of the world and called 911....

Apparently every single fire engine from every single fire station was rolling to our house at the same time....The first guy who showed up was a captain and he took one look around and rushed to cancel all the other trucks. Still we ended up with a pumper truck, a ladder truck, AND the chiefs suburban!! All flashing lights and sirens!!!What fun!
I love this shot, the place is swarming with fire fighters and my friends are so blase about it they're not even stopping their conversations!
In this shot I'm explaining the works to the Chief, captain and some other fire fighters.

You can barely tell from this shot but the young fire fighter here has a big ear to ear grin on his face. Actually all the FF's thought it was pretty awesome and liked all the art.
Having the AFD show up was great. All the kids loved getting their pictures taken with them and the party had many single women of a certain age who just LOVE FF's. The ladies actually made the captain blush by woo'ing at him.

Here's a good shot with me in front of the Ruben's tubes with the Chief, captain.
I convinced them that what they were looking at was essentially propane tiki torches (yes a whole lot of them) which are legal so I didn't think there should be any problem with them.... They were cool about it and just wanted me to turn off the Ruben's tube on the right here cause it was near a tree and the neighbor was bitching....They also made us turn off half the wedding arch near the fence cause another neighbor was bitching....
It was funny the FF's kept coming back in little shifts of 2-3 to check out the fire art and for me to give them a little tour. I think they liked the Ruben's tubes the best. Its neat to watch the flames dance to the music.

I thought we where done but the Captain came back and said, 'Uh, do you have something that shoots 20' fireballs???'
'Why yes, a couple of the pieces have that ability you wanna see?'

'Uh, no, one of your neighbors is pitching a fit about it.'

'Oh, OK well, I've disabled that function and it will not be re-enabled tonight.'

'OK, that works for me.'


Okay neighbors, y'all got cards inviting you to the BBQ like 2 weeks before the party. On those cards it explained what exactly was going to be happening and some of you even watched as I set up the fire art. Why in the F did you just not ask me then about what ever you where uncomfortable about? I could of shown you that the fence and your tree where not in any danger! We could of talked about it and I could of set your mind at ease.....

Instead you call 911 and have the fire fighters do the talking for you? I'll never understand that....

Happy Labor Day to Everyone (belatedly)

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