Sunday, September 26, 2010

Halloween Sneak Peek....

Something Wicked This Way Comes........

videoCheck out this video for a sneak peek at what's new this year in the Haunted Graveyard...

This should give you some idea about how the creepy scarecrow is going to look.

Closer-up shot of what's going to be the head for our new even creepier scarecrow.

Alamedeans, Decorate Your House For Halloween!!!!
This year I'm part of the team putting on the annual 'Alameda Haunt Your House' Contest. First prize is two round trip tickets on Frontier Airlines!!!! Woo-Hooo!!!!

This year we're teaming up with the Alameda Food Bank. Every entry will get a Halloween themed canned food collection box. We hope that people will donate food on the two days of the contest and on Halloween.

Alameda is full of neat old houses that would look even more amazing spookified for Halloween don't ya think?

Its easy to enter the contest just email your name address and the name of your entry to Deadline for entries is Oct 25th.

We're getting the word out about the contest as best we can. The Journal ran an article about it, the AAPS is putting an article about it in their newsletter, we're flyering around town, we're even working on a short 5 minute commercial to be played on the local cable access show about Alameda!!

We could use your help to spread the word even farther. Know someone who lives or has a business in Alameda who loves Halloween? Send em the link to the contest!


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