Friday, September 17, 2010

How Safe Is This Neighborhood???

This is a companion article to the 'What School District is This House In' post.

When I'm at open houses you always hear the potential buyers ask about the neighborhood.

What kind of answer are they expecting from the Realtor showing the place?
'Oh, the neighborhood? Its full of murderers and pedophiles. Its a great place to raise children!!!'

Seriously, even in neighborhoods I KNOW are sketchy, Realtors never give a truthful answer to the question.

I've just recently discovered a way potential home buyers can get an honest picture of how safe the neighborhood is.

The APD is working with crime to have a record of crimes that can be mapped.

The crime map of Alameda can be found here.

I like that, Crime Map.... 'To the Crime Map BatMan!!!'

The default seems to be for the past week. In the week of 9/11 to 9/17 it looks like there where 80 crimes reported on the main island and only 7 in Harbor Bay.... Wow they have the best schools and the lowest crime rate!!

I wanted to get the map to show data for the past 6 months but I can't seem to figure out how to make the map do that.... I wanted to see if there were obvious crime clusters.... I've got a theory that a lot of the crime in Alameda is caused by knuckle heads coming over from Oakland. I hypothesise that the streets that have easy access to Oakland and their immediate surroundings should show more crime. As the thugs can do their crime and then make a fast get-a-way. Might be why Harbor Bay is so low crime?

So there you have it, don't believe anything the Realtor tells you and do your own research....why do those guys get paid again?


Annie said...

Here in CT, realtors are not legally allowed to say ANYTHING disparaging about a neighborhood or school district because it's considered discriminatory. Which is really helpful. /eyeroll.

The MadScientist said...

I love that, 'They're not allowed too'. Who doesn't allow them? The ACLU? The Police? The Supreme Court?

No, that's an internal 'rule of conduct'. The Realtors are smart enough to know that people are going to ask WTF so they came up with these 'rules of conduct' that codify their B.S.

That's if you want to be a Realtor with a capital R, I think.