Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bath Project Problems....part 2 Vanity

Bonfire of the Vanities

Looking at how exactly I am going to install the bath vanity and have run into a couple of problems.

Here's the fabulous vanity we got from the Home Decorators Collection.

Notice the fancy sides and top edges. This thing can not be placed flush against a wall on its short sides.

And here is problem numero uno.. This is the stub-out for the sink drain...its only 4.5" from the wall....not sure how I managed to F this one up so much....because of the position of the stub-out the drain lines for the vanity can not come in through the openings in the back of the vanity. The only thing I can think off here is to cut a hole in the lower corner and bring the drain line in that way. I'll probably also have to shorten the drawers on that side as they look to slide all the way back to damn near the back of the cabinet.

Here's a shot of the back of the vanity showing the access holes for the drain and water supply lines.
Which brings me to issue #2. How to get the water supply lines in. If I have the vanity as shown in the previous post they would have to come in from the side which will be visible from the front.
One thought is, is that if I raise the vanity up enough I might be able to bring the lines down the wall and have them enter the cutout just above the sole plate of the wall. For this to work I need to raise the vanity up ~4".... I'm not sure what's the best way to do this.

Here's a shot of the legs that came with the vanity. They measure ~7.5". Could it be just as easy as buying some legs that are 4" taller? With the stock legs the vanity top is at 36" which I feel is a bit low for me and for elderly folks. I think 40" feels a lot better and with the taller legs it'll be easier to clean under it?

Vanity Questions:
1. What to do about getting the drain line into the cabinet when the stub out is unfortunately placed.
2. What's the best way to raise the vanity cabinet up ~4" so I can get the water lines into it easier?

Any useful advice would be greatly appreciated.

Bath Project Getting Started-Gots Problems....part 1 Shower

Yes it's been a looong while since we've posted on the house blog and boy do I have a back-up of posts....we've got Halloween posts, several knifecatching posts....lots of posts...if I can find the time. Right now I've got exactly a month before the permit runs out on this bath project and I'm going to attempt to get as much done as possible.
Bottom Floor Bath Project
needs help....cause we gots problems...of course.

I've spent a TON of money in the last couple of days ordering everything I think we'll need to get this project finished. I truly had no idea that shower plumbing stuff could be so expensive! It blows me away that you have to buy the fracking valves separately!!! Same thing with the dang vanity faucet!

Here is the plan view of what we are trying to do with the bottom floor bath.

Here's a total side view of everything. You can even see the ceiling mounted rain shower head and the ceiling fan and light.

Ignore the placement of the vanity in this shot it should be rotated 90deg and placed against the wall we're looking through here.

Of course before I can even start thinking about construction I've got to basically clean and organize the entire bottom floor of the house putting away all the seasonal stuff and fully recovering space from the Halloween crush...oh and I have to plug a tire on our truck too....isn't this what every remodeler has to do before starting work?

Ta-da one clean bathroom space!
Now, lets get to the problems....

I've decided to use the Kerdi system and have purchased the Kerdi Shower kit with the 32"by60" pan.
This should have everything I need to waterproof the shower floor and walls.

Problem #1...this is the drain pipe for the shower...notice how it is higher than the floor? Because of where our sewer main is, this is as low as this line can be and still drain properly....

The top of this line is ~5" above the floor! What in the heck can I do about this?
So far my only idea is to build some forms and pour some additional concrete in this area to raise the floor level up and cover this pipe. Then I could set the Kerdi shower base on this raised flat-level platform and continue as normal? I don't want the step into the shower to be any higher than required...anybody have any idea how little concrete above the pipe I can get away with?

Shower Questions
1. The rain shower will project down from the ceiling about 1' leaving it ~8' off the floor. How high up should the waterproofing-tile go and how high up should the glass enclosure go?

2. What to do about the drain line being 5" above the slab in shower area?
-Does it make sense to pour a base-footing for the shower to cover the pipe? If so should I use regular concrete? or what? Dry pack mortar?? The Kerdi shower curbs sit on the outside of the pan so I would need to size this base to be big enough for the curbs also?

3. Placing the drain- I'm pretty sure that the existing location of the drain stub-out is off by 6"...I'm worried about adjusting this as it looks like from reading the kerdi instructions that you have to have this placed EXACTLY in the right spot?

4. On the walls of the shower I would like to use plywood so that I can screw in anywhere for the grab rails and not have to worry about it. Whats the recommended thickness of plywood for this application? Can I adhere the kerdi straight to the plywood or would I have to screw in cement board to this? I'm kinda worried about the thickness of this wall 3/4" ply + 1/2" backer board + 1/2" tile...maybe I don't need to worry about it?

That's part one any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated. I want to pour the pad before the weekend if possible...