Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bathroom Remodel Update

We Got Inspected...Twice!!!
Well, the first inspection was what I would call a preliminary inspection. I asked an inspector over so he could okay the no pressure treated wood walls and the waterproofing system I had already purchased to use for the shower stall. He was okay with both..such nice and friendly-helpful Alameda building inspectors...(obvious sucking up).

One thing he did have a problem with, was that he thought the drain lines for the shower were not sloped sufficiently...this scared me as if they were not sloped enough I would have to re-slope them and the level of the pipes above the floor would only increase.

After the inspector left I tested the slope of the pipes. Using my laser level I shot a level horizontal line above the pipe and then measured from this line to the top of the pipe. Turns out the pipes are exactly correct with a slope of 1/4" per foot. Hurray!!! What I figured out is that the floor in the area of the shower drain line is not level! So, when looking at the drain line it appears to not be sloped correctly. I'll have to pour out a self leveling compound before I build the shower base.... Hurray more work for me caused by shoddy pros...

Here is the new model for the bathroom. After reading a good book about wiring a house I decided that I was cheaping out on wiring the bathroom. I've decided to put a wall sconce over the toilet and a combo fan-light over the shower. I also added two 20amp GFCI outlets near the vanity, each on their own circuit. That way, two teenage girls can be blow drying their hair at the same time and not blow a circuit.
This model also shows the steps needed to get into the shower and the vanity moved to the correct wall. I forgot to run the wires from the switch to the lights...

Here's how it looks transferred to the floor. We went with 12" deep steps to get into the shower as we thought any shallower would be uncomfortable to stand on. The top step will be at the same level as the shower floor so you only have to step over a 4" curb to get into the shower.
You can see that things are a bit tight. There is only 24" of clearance between the vanity and the shower step. The toilet has 40" total of clearance so while not feeling spacious it should not feel cramped. There is 38" between the steps and the door which opens outward.
You can also see that we should be able to get at least a 2' wide shower door in there.

I cut out the bottom plate in the doorway and you can just barely see the ghosting of moisture that was trapped under the membrane. I put these walls up pretty recently after the slab was poured so I'm hoping that that was why there is some moisture there. That plate was there for almost three years so I'm hoping this amount of moisture is negligible...this is sorta crucial to the whole, 'fix up the bottom floor as nice living space' thing.

The bottom of the cut out plate. No mold, and it didn't feel damp. Hopefully this is a good sign.

Here is a closeup of the side view of the plate. Looks like the water proof membrane is doing its job. I don't have a moisture meter but it sure didn't look or feel wet. Ya, I know, not exactly scientific.

One of the things that we were concerned with in one of the previous posts about the bath was, how high could we raise the vanity and not have it be 'weird'. We started off at 40" and I LOVED it. Bending over to wash my face in the sink was a soooooo much easier on my back. Unfortunately, it was too high for probably anybody else not 6' and above....We compromised and are going to set it at 38" which is shown here.
At 38" we can still get the water lines in from the back.

This is the combo fan-light unit we decided to go with. This thing should suck greatly and be super quiet. The cover can be painted to match the ceiling and hopefully it will be pretty invisible as it doesn't exactly look 'vintage'.
One thing they don't tell you about this crazy thing is, if you want to have the light, fan and separate night light on their own switches you need to run 14-4 to it.....which doesn't exist..so I had to run another 14-2 line to it.
I plan to wire the fan so that the fan runs when either the vanity lights are on or the fan light is on but not when only the night light is on. I think that I have figured that out...

We Got Our Electrical Rough Inspection

And passed with flying colors!! Hurray. My first inspection ever for electrical work and I didn't apparently F anything up! Or, at least the kindly-helpful-wise city of Alameda inspector didn't see anything glaringly bad...

Exciting shot of the switch box ready for inspection.

Vanity light box..

And fan.

The inspector was concerned here about the wiring hanging out but I thought you HAD to do that so they could take a look at your connections. That metal plate screws to the top of the fan and covers the wires after you cram them back inside.

That's it for now, have to hurry and get the water supply piping in and roughed...

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