Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Its Ours!!!! Its Ours!!!!! Woo-Hooooo!!!!!!!!

ITS OURS!!!!!! ITS OURS!!!!! ITS OURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Over the weekend we had a very nice notary public come to the house so we could sign all the papers without Mrs. Madscientist having to miss any work.

After that we were like, 'Hey, why in the hell are we going to wait for the 31st to close.???' All the hurdles where jumped and we wanted to close quick before ANYTHING else could pop up. So we sent an email around to everyone about, 'Hey, how about we close on Wednesday the 26th instead??' Our loan guy was able to fund the loan on the 25th and the sale was recorded on the 26th and its ours!!!!


We didn't actually know when exactly it was going to close so I was out grocery shopping at Safeway when my Realtor called. He said,'Daniel the sale recorded I'm heading over to the house now to get the keys where you at?' We agreed to meet in the Safeway parking lot in 15 minutes.

I immediately called Mrs. MadScientist and gave her the good news!!!! It was finally over!!! All the hoops, the hand wringing, the stress, the many, many sleepless nights...

Mrs. MadScientist started crying, so of course I start crying right there in the meat section of Safeway.

HURRAY ITS OURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HURRAY HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs. Madscientist came home a bit early from work and we scooped up the baby and drove right over there. It was really, really, really. surreal driving up to the house and down that looong driveway to the was

The baby wanted to get out and run around the back yard and we played on a swinging bench there for a while but I was itching to get inside.

We went through the entire house turning all the lights on and looking out the windows and the baby danced around in the middle of the big empty was awesome...lots of laughing and crying and giggling.

Here's the best new thing we discovered about the house...from one of the top floor rooms you actually have a little-bitty water view of the bay!!! Mrs. MadScientist has always dreamed about living somewhere where you can see the water and this new surprise just really sealed the deal for us that this is 'The House' for us.....

Boy, I hope we can get a couple of stress free nights of sleep before we have to start the moving, and building process at the new place...oh and sell the current Chez stress there no sirree bob...

One Last One


Jim said...

Long time reader, second time commenter.

Congratulations! Best of luck with selling your old place. We're in a similar situation owning two houses right now (though no rat poop or dead birds -- just lots of spiders.)

On our next trip to visit Casa Decrepit I'd love to be able to see your radiant heating system as we're considering one in our new place. Would it be possible to arrange a tour?

Gene said...

Woohoo! Congrats!

PerfessorEvil said...

So awesome... congrats!

Count said...

Congrats from Finland too!
Now wish me luck for tomorrows lottery so I could buy the "old" Chez from you :)

edina said...

Hi there,

I wish I found your blog sooner. My boyfriend and I are in the middle of trying to buy our first house in Oakland that we 'thought' looked great. Everything was redone, new appliances, new heating, new roof, new everything.... and all come to find out nothing had permits. I didn't think anything of it because I didn't know what it really meant until we had the inspector come. The inspector pointed out all the flaws and then after that our Realtor went and got quotes for electrical (because it has the same outdated panel that you mentioned along with having a new box put in a closet which is a no-no), heating (nothing was hooked up correctly or is vented - and there needs to be a vent for the dryer since there is none), plumbing (apparently the pipes are broken), termite (the seller had a pest guy come in and the seller said he'd fix the issues and never did - instead boarded up the areas to 'hide' it), roof (needs vents, proper sealing and the chimney is falling apart). Of course all this would require permits to fix and we don't know if the seller will comply to fixing it the correct way - and frankly I don't trust them to fix it the correct way. Along with this the neighbor said he 'suspected' the seller didn't have permits - so the neighbor could get in a tizzy with us one day and we'd have to pay fines since we now know all this now. We definitely don't have the extra money if fines do occur or if we ever want to remodel in the future and an inspector finds nothing had permits.

I have no idea what to do. What we thought was a house that didn't have to be a fixer-upper - is now one! And we didn't want that at all.

Any words of wisdom?

The MadScientist said...

Hi Everybody!
Thanks for all the kind words.
Jim sure you can come by and see the heating-Have the casa folks set it up.

The MadScientist said...


You can do two things now. Assuming that you are still in escrow you can back out because what your inspections have revealed OR you should resubmit your bid minus what it will cost to fix everything and see if the seller accepts it.

Truthfully your seller sounds like a scammer and you should probably run away. Unless you have the stamina and mindset to deal with what sounds like a serious fixer.

Joel said...