Wednesday, January 19, 2011

We've Traded Rats For Birds!!!

Dead Biiiird gonna put it on yooooouuuu!!! Dead Biiiird gonna put it on yooooouuuuu!!!!
Bonus points for anyone who got that reference...

Actually the credit for this post has to go to our friend was all her idea! Especially the title.

Stopped by the house today to unstick a window that the inspector had stuck the guy $1300 bucks to inspect the house and he can't even unstick the window he stuck.....

I went into the room and was greeted by this grisly site....apparently a small bird had flown into the open window and somehow fallen between the panes. You can see the struggle marks on the glass....hope this isn't some kind of omen or something.

Kevy saw this and shouted, 'Holy Crap you've traded rats for birds!!!'

I was able to unstick the window and gently remove the bird with a couple of putty knives... We gave it a dignified burial.


That's it for now still have a crazy hurdle to jump this post I promise...

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