Friday, February 4, 2011

Annnnnnnnnnd Finally A Price

Okay Folks Here It Is......

The Long Awaited Price For The Chez.....



After reviewing the results of the twelve Realtors that toured the place and considering what it should be worth when its finished as a tri-plex or a duplex we think that $495k is a fair price.

But, To Make It More Attractive

We've decided to offer a $5k bonus to the buyers agent.

The house is not on the MLS yet, will be next week, so nows your chance to make an offer before the entire Realtor Universe knows about it.

Showings to pre-qualified buyers only right now.

If interested please contact our Realtor. You can email him here

I'm going to do up some goofy for sale ads and post them to the blog shortly.

I'm sure this post will provide much amusement at our expense from the Reptile Realtors but please keep your comments civil or I will delete them.

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