Sunday, February 6, 2011

We Had A Cocktail Party!!!

Not wanting to make the same mistake the previous owner (PO) did with the house we wanted to get off on the right foot with our new neighbors. Soooo we invited all of our new neighbors and old neighbors and some friends over for a cocktail party a couple of days after we closed escrow.

Costco Tequila plus Trader Joe's Margarita mix equals new friends and good times.

The new neighbor turn out was pretty good. I think a lot of them were really curious about what exactly the house looked like on the inside.....we spent a lot of time explaining what the city was going to make us do and how yes WE had to pay the 26k in fines not the PO...
Here's the snack, and booze spread. I guess that goofy breakfast bar will be good for something.

Lots of kids... having a great time as there was no furniture and they could run around up and down the stairs and have a good time.

kids, friends, family.

Here was the general response from our friends and old neighbors... 'Holy Crap this place is friggen huge!'

Old neighbors doing the 'Holy Crap' thing.

Grandpa madscientist was able to make it out. He even climbed all the stairs!

Our Realtor and wife and on of the nanny share families enjoying the booze..
We ran out that morning and bought an antique table and chairs from Craigs list but we knew we were not going to have enough... Our tenant to the rescue...from her <500sqft>

Grandpa and Baby Madscientist sharing a moment.

Friends and neighbors enjoying the soon to be library.

Momma and baby.

Baby Madscientist chilling under the table with some blocks.

Cousins! Baby madscientist has a lot of built-in baby sitters with all her female cousins.

View out the top window looking towards the bay that night...right down there in the middle next to those three palm trees you can just barely see water. On a clearer day you can see all the way across the bay to South San Francisco.

The camera has a sunset I took a pic of the setting sun from the top floor.

The party was a success with lots of old and new friends coming together. We met a lot of the neighbors and they all seem like nice people. They just want to make sure we're not going to do anything 'funny' to the house....I think we convinced them that we are legit...

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