Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Future Of The Blog???

What to do, What to Do...

There is dissension in the ranks here at Chez 3.0 about what to do with this blog after we sell Chez 2.0.

I'm of the mind that I should probably close it down entirely and start a new blog with a different name for Chez 3.0. It seems kinda weird for me to have all that info online about what will be someone else's house....

So, How about some new names for the blog?
All I've got so far is Chez Neumansky 3.0 or Chez Neumansky Third Times The Charm (this time its final!!!) or???

New Editorial Direction?
The many, many Realtors who read this blog will be happy to know that I don't envision myself doing any more KnifeCatching posts...unless someone wants to commission one. Though, I do need to get banned from at least one more open house so that I can publish the next chapter of the Reptile Realtors saga that's been written in my head for ages now...

I think that there will be a new focus in the blog as well.
Originally, the blog was about, 'holy crap we bought a tear down and now we're spending gobs of money and time fixing it up, follow along as we chronicle our ups and downs'.
I think now the blog will more be about, 'Holy Moly we bought a giant house with an almost insane amount of permit issues. Can we fix the issues on the super tight time table the city has us on and get the legal units rented out all before we run out of money.' coupled a little bit with, 'Can two slightly rough around the edges 'Burning Man Fire Artist' types fit in, in their new fancy-pants neighborhood???'

So, that's the long and short of it. Keep the old blog going, or start a new blog?


Anonymous said...

Third Time's the Charm sound good to me.

And hearing about how to deal with permit issues should be entertaining - I love how you educate by explaining about the reasoning behind what at first glance often looks like ridiculous red tape. I hope that the bureaucratic types will be reasonable in your quest to fix things properly.

As for the current blog - is there any way to save it to an external drive to present to the new owner? Although you might want or need to delete some of the more personal info and just leave the renovation and house information for them. I have no idea how much space something like this takes up so it might not even be feasible.

Glad you are enjoying the new house & thinking about continuing to share the adventure.


Kevy said...

Call it: Chez Neumansky, The Final Chapter
Sort of like a horror movie trilogy. ;)

Maybe keep the old blog but edit out identifying information? Or just make it "not public" anymore? I think the new owners would like a copy of it for sure. We could make a Blurb book out of it!

And yes, I think there's enough work you need to do on the new place to focus the posts on that. And the realtors of Alameda will breathe a collective sigh of relief when you stop knife catching.