Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy 1st Month-a-versary

Today Marks Our 1st Month In Chez 3.0

I thought I'd put together a little list of things about the house now that we've lived here a month. So, no particular order my thoughts on Chez 3.0.

  1. Its big! and I'm old, we've never lived on more than one level before and this place has 3 levels of real living space....its a lot harder to go up and down 2 flights of stairs constantly...

  2. I hate all the toilets...they are all these weird cheapo 3/4 size toilets..not super comfortable to sit on.

  3. You can hear the bee's when sitting on the toilet in baby MadScientist's bathroom.

  4. There is never a light switch where you expect there to be and when there is a switch, it never controls what you think it should...I don't get it, why would the PO's of even bothered taking all the wall outlets, and switches? If you had fancy lights I guess I can see taking those, but the outlets and switches? weird..

  5. Living with forced air heat isn't as horrible as we thought it would be...the air is surely a lot dryer than we're used to.

  6. Having that big concrete driveway and parking area is both a boon and a bane. A bane cause in general we hate yards covered in concrete but a boon as it gives baby MadScientist plenty of space to ride her scooter-which she absolutely loves to do.

  7. Funky bathroom without a shower and low ceilings on the top floor is a perfect spot to give baby MadScientist a bath.

  8. We've got slightly less than a month to get all the plans finished and turned into the city....that timeline seems insane now...

  9. Love having the sorta private kid space and family room in the back of the house.

  10. We never use the front door! Well, except to get the mail...we go in and out of the back door and that area and bathroom has turned into a mudroom-landing pad space for all our stuff.

  11. Definitely need curtains on the main level as sitting in there feels very fish bowlish now.

  12. Kitchen is still way to small and poorly laid out. Though now after using it for a month we have some ideas on how to make it better.

  13. Cleaning this place is a HUGE PITA!!!

  14. We really, really love the place and it feels perfect for us.

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