Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Realtors Are.....

Sometimes People Of Questionable Moral Standards...

Not all of them but enough of them.

Let me tell you a little story.

I've been putting up some for sale ads on Craig's List over the last month.
The idea was to test the market and see what the interest was like before the house went on the market. We wanted to fine tune the marketing with the feedback from the responses we got.

I've been putting up two ads aimed at different target markets. One ad was for multi-generational house holds and one was aimed at the young couple who wants to raise their kid in a nice city, in a good school district but who can't afford to buy a finished house. The first week the ads were up the entire week and we got A LOT of responses and several promising families toured the house.

For Sale Ads on Craig's List Getting Flagged And Removed.
The next week when I reposted the ads they were flagged and removed within a couple of days. I'm thinking, 'huh? that's weird they are completely legit for sale ads why would people in the Craig's List community be flagging them??' So I went thru all the FAQ's and had friends look at them and nope, nobody could come up with a real reason to have the posts flagged and removed...

I reposted the ads again and within minutes they were flagged and removed!?!?!? So, I reposted them and again within a short period of time they were flagged and removed!?!?!

Then I posted them again, and hey, they were not flagged and removed? Hurray I thought, but something was off. We track the click-throughs from the post to the blog (which by industry standards have been really, really good) and we were not getting any click-throughs?

I thought, 'Damn, after only a couple of weeks we had depleted our potential buyers pool and nobody cared!' Well, not exactly, it turns out that if your posts get flagged constantly on Craig's List you get marked as a spammer. When you do a post it looks like its posting but nope, its actually invisible!!!

I had to prove to Craigs list that yes, in fact my posts are legit and nope, they are not being flagged for legitimate reasons.

Why I Think My Posts Were Being Flagged
Now, I can't prove this exactly but, I bet if someone where to track the IP addresses of the computers (and btw you bet clist has this ability) who are flagging my posts that they would track back to a small number of computers associated with at least one Alameda based realty company.....Hmmmm, who could that be? Which Alameda based reality company has the biggest hate on for me????

So, what I think is happening is that a small group of Alameda Realtors are removing my ads out of personal animosity towards me, how mature...

Please readers, how does that not confirm just about everything negative I've ever said about the character of your average Realtor???

A Special Note To The Flaggers
I'm pretty sure that what you are doing is illegal. You are a commercial entity trying to directly interfere with another commercial entities (G&L Realty) ability to do business. You really should grow-up, grow a pair and F'ing stop it.

C'mon Realtors
After all that talk about putting up 'I hate that guy from Chez Neumansky' blogs this is the best you can do? Flag the ads on Craig's List? Weak!

Now Realtors, I didn't say ALL Realtors are D-Bags...but c'mon ya gotta admit that what this small group is doing is pretty d-bag-tastic...

A Special Note To The Potential New Owners Of Chez 2.0
If you've gotten this far from the landing page I built and are interested in looking at the house and your Alameda based Realtor is hesitant or trying to steer you away.....take a moment and think about if your Realtor is acting in your best interests or what???


Kevy said...

Have you contacted Craigslist directly about this? Just a thought. And your realtor could maybe make a call too.

Anonymous said...

maybe it was not a Realtor but one of thousands of Alameda homeowners you've stabbed over and over by hurting home prices for all- including your own in this tuff economy

The MadScientist said...

Anon, you're back!! Oh how I've missed you!!

So, you're saying that I, one lone goofball blathering on, on the interwebs am solely responsible for the 'depressed' home values in Alameda!?!?!?! Dang, I didn't realize I had such power!!! Though, as far as super powers go, I'd totally trade mine in for the ability to fly!
Now, if what I write about has no basis in reality why would anything I write effect anything???
Unless,....and I'm just spit-balling here, What I write has forced people to advertise and price their houses for sale truthfully??? Hmmmmmmm, ya that's just F'ing horrible!!

Anonymous said...

well im just saying your in the selling boat right now. Hope you don't sink good luck

The MadScientist said...

Not in the same boat. Not even sure I can see that boat from where we're floating.

If this house isn't the most brutally honestly advertised house for sale EVER in Alameda I'd be highly surprised.

If there was a house sold EVER on the island with a more detailed disclosure I'd like to know about it.

Anonymous said...

For cereal. You and the Casa Decrepit kids (who aren't selling anytime soon, if ever) have disclosed every wart and flaw. And also, the actual PERMITTED work.

Anon #1 must not like other people playing by the rules and, thereby, encouraging others to do so as well. If you're in Alameda completing unpermitted work, watch out. I and many others will call it in. It's fair to us residents in the present, and those residents in the future.