Sunday, March 20, 2011

So, How Big is Chez 2.0 Anyways!?!?!?

Okay, Okay, Okay,

Nope, we are not trying to 'scam' anyone by telling people that the house has a certain square footage or that the house is a 4-3 when the 'official records' say its a blank-blank.

With the official records having the house at 2228 sq ft and a blank-blank number of beds and baths that's kinda screwing up our $/sq ft number and possibly making the house harder to sell (its not like it needs any more obstacles right??). So, I called the Alameda Assessors office and talked to the county appraiser assigned to Chez 2.0. She told me that on their records they have the house as a 4-3 @ 2228 sq ft. I asked her how actually they arrive at the sq ft numbers for houses. She said that they measure around the OUTSIDE of the house!!! Wow, that seems dishonest to me but that's the measurement everybodys compared to soooo...

So, What's The Number Really?
Short answer, don't know yet. We've paid professionals to do complete as-builts of the house. Using these professionally done plans and going around the inside of the house (which just seems more honest to me) I come up with 2858 sq ft. The walls on the bottom floor of the house are over 7" thick, the walls on the middle floor are ~5" thick so I believe that the assessors number will be even higher than that.

I had to fill out a 'Property Characteristic Change Form-Owner Requested' and I sent the county appraiser the professionally done plans that show the top two floors and the plans from the permits I did that show the bottom floor. She took a look at them and thought that the main discrepancy was that they had the bottom floor as only being about 600sq ft of living space when its actually about 1000sq ft.

The appraiser is hopefully going to come out this week to check the reality against the plans that I sent her and then hopefully soon after the official sq ft number will match what it actually is...

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