Monday, March 7, 2011

Storage Loft O Halloween Goodness

Man, Do We Need Storage!!
We decided that the center bay of the 3 bay garage would be a good place for a storage loft. Its ~5' to the bottom of the ridge board from the ceiling joists and its a low enough slope roof that we still have good height at the edges.

If we could use all the area above the ceiling joists in this bay we would have a 9' wide by 20' long by 5' high storage loft. This area was originally not designed even for 'light attic storage' so a lot of re-enforcing of the structure would have to happen.
The existing 2by6 joists spanned 9' were on 4' centers and half of them were spliced in the center!?!?!? I mean, its only 9' use a 10' 2by6 for petes sake!!!

My plan was to add new structural select 2by6's that would bear fully on the 2by4 double top plates of the walls separating the bays at 16" centers and to jack up the sistered joists and sister a complete 2by6 onto them. Then I would screw 3/4" plywood to the rafters to make my floor.

Here's a scary shot of one of the sistered joists. They only overlapped like two feet and where held together with only four nails!! Look how the wood is splitting and how they are sagging! Of course people are going to use this space for storage its perfect for it.

Using my Harbor Fright MultiMaster ripoff I cut hole in the drywall for the new joists. Love that sag in the joists visible in this shot.

New joists in and toe nailed to the top plates with 3 16D nails.

Here's me fixing one of the worst splices by sistering on two new joists. I predrilled for some long lags and lagged the heck out of it from both sides. It seems SUPER beefy and stable.

Adding the plywood subfloor. I love screwing plywood down...lots and lots and lots of screws.

Here's a shot of the framing I did for the opening. As you can see I didn't exactly plan my plywood seams and I didn't block the edges either...I'm not making a floor that's going to be tiled ya know....

One side of the storage loft finished.

Other side of the loft finished.
Look at all that space!!! No way we could fill that right? We'll have plenty of space for all of our Halloween stuff and the xmass stuff and heck lots of stuff right???

Here's the long side again..pretty much packed with bins and boxes and what not.

To the left of the access is all the big random stuff that can't be packed well...can you see Slappys hand?

Here's the short side...absolutely packed with bags of fake pumpkins and tombstones...holy moly are we going to have a lot of funkins for the Haunted Pumpkin Patch this year...guess its a good thing we finally got the yard for it. Picture the pumpkins from this years Halloween and at least double it!

I think we've entered a zero sum game with the Halloween decorations...

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