Thursday, April 14, 2011

We Made Our Permitting Deadline!!!

Okay, finally a post with pictures and a post that shouldn't earn me any more enemies....

Monday was our deadline to have all the permit drawings into the city....and we made the deadline!!! Hurray!!!!!
To review, because of the code enforcement actions brought against the PO of Chez 3.0 after the close of escrow we had ~60 days to turn in complete permit drawings for;
Floor plans for the existing basement showing all the unwarrented stuff and plans showing it all turned back to storage. Floorplan for the kicthen showing that it meets current codes...and a complete framing plan for the deck and balcony with an engineers stamp of approval.

 Heres the bottom floor plans.
Look at all that unwarrented space! Thats two apartments. A one bedroom and a two bedroom..

  Look ma just storage...doesn't this just seem like a HUGE sad....on the positive side I guess we have ton's of storage now....

The Kitchen Plan.

The kitchen isn't too bad. I believe to meet code I just need to swap out the existing ceiling light for a CF fixture, replace the incorrect ribbed kitchen exhaust ducting with smooth interior metal and add one GFCI outlet to the counter top...through the inch thick granite....have no idea how I'm going to do that.


<>Here is the balcony framing plan. This one kinda surprised me. I had to do some investigating as to how the balcony was built...The entire thing in cantelevered out from the house. When they built the addition on the back in the 80's (with permits) the 2by12 floor joists run out and form the balcony! The unpermitted work here is the stairs and the grayed framing members where the PO's sistered on joists to make a bigger landing at the top for the stairs.
Balcony Framing
<>Construction Details
Super Exciting Deck Details. One interesting thing about the construction of the deck is that the builder really liked to notch his joints and bolt them together. Which is a strong way to do it just way more labor intensive than using Simpson hardware.

Deck Framing Doing this was fun! I was told that I had to get every piece
 of framing lumber in its exact place...I think I actually managed to do it...

Super Cool Vector Views of the deck...just getting those
dimensions on the East Elevation required an entire day to
figure out! My CAD program is too old and wasn't playing
nice with Win 7. I have to run the freaking program in Vista
compatibility mode to get it to work about 90% correctly...

So, that's what I've been scrambling to do. Actually got the permit issued for the bottom floor demo...hurray!!! cept that's actually what I don't want to do...
At least the engineer said the deck actually in good shape, he just wanted me to add more lag bolts into the ledger board for the deck. So, not going to fall down anytime soon.

The plans for the deck and kitchen are being reviewed by the cities engineer and I'm sure they will get kicked back with changes. The zoning people are also looking at the deck as they have to approve of it and it can't cut into the required 6 parking spaces for the 3 unit building.


Mrs. Joy said...

Won't it be a 1 unit, since they're making you turn the other two units into storage space?

Perhaps I am not meant to understand the vagaries of California code enforcement.

The MadScientist said...

Hi Joy,
Actually I don't show the two legal studio units in those views.
I'm just showing the illegal stuff in the basement.

Jessamyn said...

I look at the biggest "storage room" in the basement and think, "awesome dance rehearsal space"! Even if you yourself do not do folk and historic dancing, surely there are other, similar uses that might be better than just holding junk but that won't annoy the city? Heck, you could have your own indoor squash court!