Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lights! Camera! Action!!!

We're in a bit of a holding pattern now until the Major Design Review is officially, officially done...the city won't let me put in any more building-zoning applications until

We Have Lights!!!!
The PO's apparently took all the light fixtures with them when they the selling Realtor came in and installed some super-duper sweet Home Despot $9 Specials!

After much, much, much searching on the interwebs for lights that we liked that didn't cost a zillion dollars (sorry rejuvenation hardware) we went with lights from a company called Quorum International and the collection is called Barcelona....and yes the lights cost more than $9 each.....

Here's the collection of boxes we got via UPS.

Notice how the box in front is totally destroyed! That box also has the most expensive light! Hurray!!!

Now here's the pile of crappy lights that we took down.

Here's a training montage of me trying to figure out how to hang the lights. EVERY SINGLE LIGHT had to be custom mounted. The mounted screws had to be cut much shorter and the central threaded brass rods had to be cut to fit also (with out munging up the threads!), it took a lot longer than I was expecting...what doesn't.

That and hanging lights on 11' ceilings single handedly, was a bit of a challenge.

On To Pretty Pictures Of Our New Lights!!!

The dinning room light!

The dinning room light up close.

There is some disagreement between me and Mrs. MadMadScientist about how high this light should be... I think it should be where it is at like 6' off the floor. Mrs MadMadScientist thinks it should be higher. What do y'all think?

Here's a shot of the new entry light and stair landing light in context.

Now here's a close of shot of the 'birdcage' entry light.

And the landing light.

The second stair way landing we had to do the same light flush mounted as the ceiling is lower.

It's odd but to us when the same light is on a chain it looks older and more authentic.

Continuing on up the stairs to the next landing..ya that's a lot of landings, we put in this sconce.

I was worried that it was going to stick out from the wall too much and be in the way but it looks pretty good in that respect.

Back down in the main entry area we hung another semi-flushmount light. One thing to notice here is that the 10" wide home despot lights can hide a myriad of problems...

Here's the big chandelier half way done.

And here it is all done! Pretty!

One thing that I should know but don't is. This chandelier has 6 40W light bulbs...shouldn't it be as bright as 2 100W bulbs? It sure isn' fact its exactly perfectly dim for a party but it's not going to be bright enough to read by or clean by...hmmm...

Another thing we realized AFTER all the lights were up... All these ceiling lights on the main floor NEED ceiling medallions....which means when we do install them I'll have to probably take most of the lights down to install the medallion and then re-install the lights.... Hurray!!!!!!!!!!!!

We also installed the Gargoyle light from Chez 2.0 into the library. One thing that we didn't realize when we installed the light is that when standing on the sidewalk outside the window perfectly frames the light! Like we meant to do it!

Closer up shot.

That's it for now.. next up, Down Spouts!!! How exciting!


shineyspikeything said...


6 feet is a little low because people might hit their heads (not me) or, might accidentally hit it when throwing a baby into the air (me)

Joel said...

Lights look great, Mr. MadScientist!

Gene said...

The new lights look great!

The Habitat ReStore might take the $9 HD specials if you don't have other plans for them.

The MadScientist said...

ya but if the light is over the table no one will be walking over it...right?

The MadScientist said...

Natasha Says, 'Thanks for the nice comment uncle Joel'

The MadScientist said...

That's a good idea I was going to give em away on Craigs list but giving them to habitat is a waaay better idea.

Gene said...

Call to double-check before you drive over there, but I think the ReStore would take them.
All light fixtures must have near perfect cosmetics without damage. Fixtures must include all parts necessary for use and be in perfect operating condition.
Commercial fixtures, recessed canister fixtures and fluorescent strip lights must be prequalified before acceptance.

Jessamyn said...

36" above the table is considered standard for a light.

The MadScientist said...

Well Jess,
I think our light is at least that high above the table!
So now I can tell Mrs. MadMadScientist that I'm right cause you said so!!!

Kitt said...

Wow, those are some lovely lights. If I ever need to replace any of mine, I'll be sure to look there.

My dining room ceiling is 10 feet high and the bottom of the chandelier is about 5'10" off the floor. The lights themselves are about 6 feet up. I think a good rule of thumb is that if you're standing at the table, you should be able to see the person on the opposite side without having to duck a lot. So it depends a little on the kind of fixture, too.