Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Kinder Gentler KnifeCatcher....

Okay so I've started reviewing houses again....already heard through the grape vine that the local Realtor community is super happy about it...

Here's what I will try to do in my reviews from here on out.

I will strive to use language that is uh, as mild as possible but still gets my point across.

I will still comment on the overall condition of the house and its livability.
I will still comment on the work done vs. permits pulled issues.
I will still comment on the work I think the house needs and what the costs are going to look like.
I will still comment on any safety issues I see.
I will still comment on the relative 'safeness' of the neighborhood and the quality of the local school.
I will still comment on things that 'just don't make sense to me' as in, 'what where they thinking' or, 'they want HOW much money for that???'

I'm only going to review houses that are personally interesting to me. So everybody selling ranchers in Bay Farm is 'safe' from one of my reviews unless someone commissions one.

I no longer have a Realtor that I'm working with (so haters stop calling him an F'ing a-hole behind his back) so I'll be touring the houses of interest during their open houses. That also means that I will only review houses that I have personally toured.

I don't have time anymore to do the big picture-riffic reviews I'll probably just snap a pic of the front of the house.
Next Up
I'm working on reviews for;
1336 Sherman St.
1063 San Antonio Ave.
1330 Clinton Ave.

Now, Realtors I know that most of you have set google alerts to alert you when someone posts online about one of your properties. Here's your chance to contact me and get your side of the story included in my review.  Act fast though I'll post my reviews as soon as they're done.

I'll try to give advance notice from now on about properties I am planning on reviewing so the listing agent can contact me to get their side of the story published.

I feel that that's about as fair to the listing agents as I could possibly be and still keep my integrity and provide what I consider to be a valuable community service.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the reviews. We missed the open homes for those places but have walked by all of them.


Anonymous said...

1330 Clinton's taking offers on Tuesday or Wednesday. Asked but can't remember which. Roof is beyond old. No updating. Price is... double lol, with a side of loller skatez. Better review it quick! Save someone from themselves.

1336 Sherman is beautiful; but price is also a bit lulzy. Huge lot. Nice, but also turn-key. Might lead to guilt or pocketbook remorse if you decide it needs a new interior personality.

1063 San Antonio is quite nice. Not keen on the exterior, but new paint color could do wonders. Backyard's small. But still, nice home.

Ah, open houses: the great Alameda pastime. Have a great day, MS!

Anonymous said...

Sorry. Wanted to say, not a lot of people at 1330 Clinton, good number at 1336 Sherman (but seemed like looky-loos like me), and a good number at 1063 San Antonio.

What was your crowd experience?

The MadScientist said...

guess I better move up the review for 1330 Clinton.

Thanks for putting something into words for me...the great Alameda pastime looking at open true...

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you are back reviewing houses and helping us first time buyers be ware. Thanks!

The MadScientist said...

sorry Anon forgot to answer this question earlier.

Traffic on Clinton was light but steady.

I'd say traffic on the Sherman house was very light and not really steady and yes mostly nosy neighbors.