Monday, July 18, 2011

Kitchen Space Ideas

Our kitchen is super tiny...I'm not talking about wanting a super big eat-in show place kitchen...this kitchen is not even big enough for all of our stuff...Or as we affectionately call this project,

Trying to fit 10 pounds of cr@p in a 5 pound sack.

Its not that the kitchen isn't nice, its nice enough....its just not big enough. We've never not had an eat in kitchen...that was a weird thing to get used to...HAVING to use the dining room....

Here's a shot of the sink wall.

Like the missing door on the sink cabinet.  I've got a theory on that...usually when you get cabinets on the inside of one of the sink doors is a sticker that shows the manf, the style and color for in case you want to order new cabinets to match...ours is missing...I've checked all over the kitchen for the manf sticker and there is none...I bet the PO's took it outta spite? I mean they appear to of taken the wall outlets when they left???

How do you get matching cabinets when you have no idea what you already own???

That space between our humoungous microwave and the dish drain is our main prep area! At least I got the knives up and out of the way.

Take a look at the lower cabinet door to the right of the dishwasher. Its a huge blind corner cabinet that is completely useless!!!

But we added these super cool multi-action sliding shelf things that let you access stuff waaaay in the back.

Because of the need for the shelves to clear the small door opening we have a net loss of space...but the space we do have we can use completely.

Now lets look at the West wall of the kitchen.

Believe it or not I think they actually did one thing right on this section.
The lower corner cabinet has a lazy susan!

We can actually use all that space.

Here's a weird thing about this section..

Its a weird corner-angled cabinet with no shelf that we've just sorta piled stuff into...not really a good use of this space...cept, I can't figure what would be a good use for it???

Here's the stove wall.

Little tight right?? It gets even better...

We want to remove the current stove and actually install our stove..

Problem is, its a 36" stove and the current stove is maybe 30"...we're going to have to remove that bank of drawers on the right and but in a skinnier unit...which actually works out for us as we don't have drawers for two of the bays anyways...

But that's a net loss of storage space...

A quick trip to IKEA yielded a pot/pan shelf which we put in over the doorway.

It's a little high but I can reach it okay.

So, even with the pot shelf and the cool sliding shelves we're already using all the space we got...

Well, except for....

This blind upper cabinet.

How can we use this space more intelligently? There is like 12" to the left of the door that's just completely useless...whoever designed this kitchen was really asleep on the job. A real corner cabinet with a lazy susan would of made this space actually useful...

This uh, nook?

Right now we put the recycling in it and the garbage next to it..and it looks kinda fugly....
What we'd like to do is turn this space into some kind of fabulous pull out pantry type of thing. I would love to get the garbage and recycling inside it AND have room for other things.

Anybody have any ideas on how to use this big tall space please let us know.

Cause we still would like to fit all of this stuff into the kitchen proper.

Our baking supplies.

The rest of our random appliances

oh, and the beer and soda too....

I'm having the suspicion that the cabinets came from one of the several uh, shady cabinet places in know, the kind of places where every things written in Chinese and they only accept cash??? I might just pull off the other sink door and take it around to all the cabinet places and see if they have a match.

And no we don't have any budget to 'blow out walls' and expand the size of the kitchen....

I also replaced the bad, bad, incandescent ceiling light.

With a good, good CFL model..

Wow, big change right?? Nope, The new model only uses 40W and it is slightly brighter than the old one.  With that and the addition of the under counter fluorescent lights I believe the kitchen is now title 24 compliant. I just need to change out the exhaust fan duct with rigid smooth wall ducting and I think all the code issues with the kitchen will be taken care of...

Why didn't they have the cabinets go all the way to the ceiling? In a kitchen this small every inch counts...


Anonymous said...

congrats on the new place! A couple thoughts that might help you out.

1. the kitchen cabinets look like the "Team Efforts" made in China stuff they sell at Sincere Plumbing. You might want to check them out for a match.
2. Be careful replacing the stove. Since the opening is only 30" wide, even for the upper cabinates, you mide have code issues with the upper cabinets overhanging the burners too closely. Also, I doubt the current exhaust fan is powerful enough for your more powerful range, but you could always replace that, too.

The MadScientist said...

Ha Anon,
Ya Sincere Plumbing was definately top of my list.
Is 'Team Efforts' a brand name?

Yep on having to change out the upper cabs over and to the left of the stove.

Double yep on getting a real - serious hood. The stove has the grill in the middle and man when you're bbq'ing veggies does it smoke!

And actually I'll to replace the gas line to it also...but Mrs. MadMadScientist does love it so.....