Friday, July 8, 2011

Realtor Schenanigans Part 3

This post was originally written on 4-13-11 but I've delayed publishing it until today as I was convinced that I should do nothing to further piss off the Alameda Realtors. I think that I've vagued it up enough..

The title of this post probably should have been...
Third Open House Not Such A Success

What I'm about to relate to you, dear readers, has me sooooo pissed off that I just want to, I don't know what....and the fact that it happened in my house during my open house really makes is personal.

The Story
My Realtor had a personal emergency and couldn't make it to our third open he asked around the offices at blah-blah Realty and got a very eager volunteer to do the open for him...when he told me who the volunteer was I had instant misgivings as I personally do not have a very positive view of this Realtor's character....
Apparently the open went okay with ~25 groups of people attending down from the 35 we've had at previous open houses.
Now, I know that my neighbors have been thinking about buying our house..which we were really excited about as we think that they would be good owners of Chez 2.0. They'd been to every open house and had been working with my Realtor. He'd shown it to them several times and their brother and their father. Point here is that he'd already been working with them for a while.
On that day they went to the open expecting to see our Realtor there and to talk to him about making an offer on our house....instead....that dirtbag Realtor, who was doing my realtor a 'favor', convinced them to drop him and use the dirtbag as shim could 'get them a better deal' or that 'my realtor would screw them over'.  Now I happened to see these neighbors a couple days later in front of Blah Blah Realty as they were waiting to write an offer on my house!!! I chatted a bit with them and that is when I learned what had happened.... Now, I don't blame them, they are first time home buyers and this is their first time EVER making an offer on a house...I know what that's like, they were totally freaked! Up was down, down was up, and they were just terrified....and this dirtbag Realtor took advantage of them while they were in that state and that really pisses me these are nice folks.
Annd shim did them no favors, we know these people, we would love to have them own our house and the process didn't need to be adversarial... we all could have sat down and figured out a price we all could have lived with...helped by the fact that with my Realtor working both ends of the deal I was getting a break in commission which I was hoping to pass on to them in the form of a lower, all that's out the window...

Our History With The Dirtbag
A couple years ago when our Realtor was going through some health issues, this dirtbag Realtor tried to steal us away by telling us: ' Your Realtor is having some health issues and can't give the job his all. You should really go with me as I can give you my all'...not an exact quote but it was something to that effect.

But Wait, There's More
At the same open house he tried to steal another Realtor's clients away!!! I'm told that when this second Realtor found out this Realtor gave shim a good dressing down in front of the entire office.
So, for those of you keeping score, this same Realtor tried to steal us away from our current Realtor in the past, managed to steal away one of our Realtor's current clients and tried unsuccessfully to steal another Realtor's clients during our open house...

Is this Realtor not indicative of everything wrong with this business???

I talked to the boss
I was so pissed off that I called shim's boss and we had a nice long chat where I outlined everything above.
I don't know if anything useful will come of this but I seriously hope they do something about this.

Nothing to update, 'the boss' never got back to me, which he said he'd do. So I've never learned if the dirtbag was disciplined or's been three months since our phone conversation and the only thing he did was ask my Realtor to ask me to not run this piece...

I think the dirtbag is still working there.
Here's the crazy thing...this Realtor has a rep. Talking to other Realtors at other agencies' they knew of DB and knew to steer clear of shim. What I heard most was, 'DB'll try to screw you any way s-he can.' I even talked to several of DB's fellow employees and wow, is this person bad for morale.

In sales, you would never keep a salesperson around who has a rep as a dirtbag and who has tried to, or actually has, stolen their fellow employees clients. Geez, in my former line of work someone like that would have been shit-canned so fast and rode outta the office on a rail.


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mary said...

that is horrible.

if you don't mind, can you please tell me who not to use with HBR.

Eventually, the husband and I will buy a home in Alameda and would want to avoid the dirt bag at all cost!


-Mary (

PS. What's the name of the realtor you're using?