Saturday, July 23, 2011

We Have A Home Theater Room!

Mrs. MadMadScientist is Soooooooooooooooo awesome.
This entire home theater thing was her idea! Really!!! Honest!!! She was super worried about our big 'ol tube TV perched precariously on a box in a room where all the kids play....

Now because I'm super we-todd-did I somehow managed to delete all the making of shots...some of them were quite good, of Mrs. MadMadScientist crawling around in the dropped ceiling to fish wires and to drill through the tops plates so we could fish wires through.

First off this post marks the debut of our new rugged camera.

We've managed to kill uh, three other cameras documenting the dusty, dirty work of remodeling a Victorian....we have higher hopes for this Panasonic Lumix which already takes pictures about a million times better than our old supposedly water-dust proof Olympus.

Here's the big old TV.

For the all-important WAF (that's wife approval factor) we had to go with speakers that are hidden.
After some searching we went with these as they were on sale and a fraction of the price of other models.

Actually, I can agree with the hide-the-speakers-in-the-ceiling idea. That would seem to be the most kid-proof option.

We set up a 7.1 surround sound system but I couldn't bare to not use our Klipsch center channel speaker.

Because of the smallness of the room and our desire to keep the expensive toys away from the kids as long as possible, we had to mount the stereo stuff on one wall and the TV on the other. That meant fishing a metric F-ton of wires through the dropped ceiling.

Here's a shot of the four rear speakers and the cool glass shelf wall mounted stereo stand we picked up on Amazon.

Closer-up Shot.

Holy-Moly modern stereos require 37 million cables-wires.
Just look at 'em all!!


I was able to hide most of the wires beside the one power cord and signal cord to the sub-woofer.

Check out our cool new antenna!! Does that look atomic age or what?

Here is of course the all-important TV shot.

You can also see the front surround speakers in the ceiling above it. We decided to go with the newest model Vizio 47" 3D TV. The price dropped below $1k so we broke down and bought one. Everything I read said that because of the distance to the TV 47" is as big as we should go....I have to admit the first time we sat down to watch something on it (last season of True Blood on Netflix) I was like, dang, we shoulda gone bigger...I mean its big enough for sure but I wasn't blown away with its bigness like I was expecting to be...

I've looked and looked and looked and I can't seem to find a good solution for mounting a center channel speaker to a LCD TV on an articulating wall here's my ghetto solution.

Anybody have any good ideas?

Here's a shot of the room now. Look at all that room now! This is a major path here between the kitchen and the kids play room/ the back deck.

The TV is 4' off the ground so we're hoping that that will keep it out of kid range....

Henrietta likes all the space too!

We haven't watched anything in 3D yet so we can't comment on that...but WOW HD pictures are just crazy better than standard def.

Another thing that blows me over the air HD programing! (that's what the crazy antenna is for). I can now watch my 2.5 Men reruns in HD AND 5.1 surround!!! Because you know, that's important.....oh and HD digital radio rules! Almost no commercials and it's CD quality sound AND it's free! Super lame-o corporate radio Live105 has an all 80s channel that we listen to mostly.

So overall, we're super happy with how the system looks, sounds and how hopefully kidproof its going to be.....we'll see I guess.

Hey did y'all notice the new addition in the background in one of the above pictures???

Yay!! Tiny's Back Home!

Yep, we finally got tiny back from Chez 2.0!! We conned some neighbors into helping us move her over to Chez is that a horrible experience...first you have to take out just about all the gravel cause it weighs a metric f-ton.

Then drain the water down enough so tiny isn't very mobile. Then ala the old flipper TV shows you wrap a cloth sling around her and transfer her as fast as possible to a big tub of tank water...Then you drain all the water out of the tank and then you and a couple of other unlucky suckers get to carry it all down and up flights of stairs and do it all over again in reverse! I'm so glad we don't have to do that ever, ever, ever again!!!

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