Tuesday, July 12, 2011

We Have Tree!!

And it looks super healthy!
Y'all might remember when we were first looking at Chez 3.0 we were pretty worried about the huge, huge tree in the yard that looked dead?
Here's a shot
Looks pretty horrible don't it?

Well Take a look at it now!!

It does in fact appear to be a black walnut tree. The squirrels are having a field day eating the little proto walnuts...wonder if they are safe to eat for humans?

I just wish that the lower limbs weren't hacked off....those big branches are pretty high up for a tree house...we'll have to see what we can come up with.

There are several little girls who recently moved into the 'hood and who are our back fence neighbors, about the same age as baby madmadscientist, I'd love to do some sort of group family tree house thing.....hmmmmmmm

Ya I know, a post about a tree...but look how healthy it looks!!!!

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