Sunday, July 10, 2011

We Need An Exterior Paint Job Badly...

Let's face facts...the exterior of our house is looking kinda fugly...

Well, not the entire exterior of the house but the South and West sides are looking fugly.

One the South side the paint is peeling off like its, its job. It's peeling off right down to the bare wood which seems kinda odd to me. I would think the old lead based paint wouldn't be budging...

Long shot of the south side of the house.

Closer up view.

See? Right down to the wood.

South front of the house.
This is the front corner from the house that everybody can see from the street...nice!

Here's what the window sill looks like in the front of the house.

But hey, check out the new curtains Mrs. Madmadscientist put up.

I forgot to take pictures of the garage doors but they look just as bad...

So far we've had one painting contractor come out and give us a bid on repainting the house....

How Not To Impress Us.
1. Miss the first appt.
2. Miss the 2nd appt.
3. Show up 2hrs late for 3rd appt.

4.Then walk around the house with me constantly trying to down sell me on the type of paint job I want done. 'You don't really need 3 colors do you??'  You don't really want me to scrape off all the old paint do you?? 'Restore the trim?? It'd be a lot faster/cheaper just to remove it!'

5. Take a phone call while I'm with you and proceed to argue about not paying a bill to a supplier for like 10 minutes!!!

6. Spend all of 5 minutes actually looking at the house..don't measure anything...and then come up with a price right there on the spot!?!?!?!?

Argh!! I swear the dude just pulled the biggest number out of his ass that he thought he could get away with... When he said it he even kinda looked at me sideways to see if I blinked... Like he was calculating in his head what the up charge would be because we're in a fancy neighborhood....

Any who, we will not be using this contractor. We need to find someone who is respectful of old Victorians and their special needs.

If anyone knows of a good, quality local painter I'd appreciate hearing about it.


Anonymous said...

No need to publish, I just wanted to recommend Cataldo Painting out of San Leandro 510-483-7014. They've painted plenty of Victorians...3+ colors, imagine that! Tony Cataldo (owner) doesn't subcontract and takes the time to prep correctly. Other reviews available on Berkeley Parents Network if you don't believe me. :)

Regardless of the painting company you choose, I'm looking forward to seeing your Victorian lady all gussied up!

Anonymous said...

Charmed Painting (

Eddie & his crew recently completed our Italianate near Edison school. They did a marvelous job of prep & painting. They are artists.

Tish said...

I've heard good things about Cataldo painting too. We will call him when we finally get our house painted.

I got an estimate from Pacific Northwest and they seemed good and respectful of Victorians but their prices seemed crazy high.

Kevy said...

Stay away from Bob Childe Painting. Remember our super huge sheets of peeling paint throughout our place when we moved in? That was them.