Saturday, July 9, 2011

We Need A New Roof!!!

And Now For Something Completely Different.

An entire post about roofs!

We've been talking with roofers recently about getting Chez 3.0 re-roofed....
Here's the situation.

The roof on the garage looks totally shot to us and you can even see where the cap shingles have disintegrated....

We've had two roofers come out so far and look at the house and they both said that the garage roof is completely shot. That the roof was most likely a cheapo 20yr 3 tab shingle that got cooked to death by the lack of venting. I have to admit the garages are SUPER freaking hot even when its not really hot outside.

Here's some shots of the roof of our house from space (don't you just love google!)

The West or front side of the house.

I didn't realize our roof line was so asymmetrical.
Do you see on the front of the house on the second floor between the two sets of bay windows what looks like a flat walkway? It's odd it a little flat roof that is tongue and groove!! Like a floor! Here's a pic.
It doesn't appear to be leaking now but wow, how to insure that it lasts a long time and still looks good?

Also, if you look closer at the little roof over the porch on the left hand side of the picture above you see some more interesting issues.

The north side is quite mossy.

The metal drip-rake edge is put on wrong. Its not supposed to be on top!

Here's you can see the built-up layers of roofing against the fish scale shingles. With no flashing in between. If water runs down that wall where's it going to go???

Here's another shot of the porch roof showing the condition of the shingles.

The East or back side of the house.

Looking out the little window in the gable you can see the shed roof. Which looks like this.
You can also see in the above the weird little flat roof the PO put on the house in the lower left corner. They enclosed an exterior stair well.
Here's a shot of the flat roof from the deck.

Here's a shot through the window.

Both roofers who have seen this say that its a piss-poor job and they are surprised that it doesn't leak.
One issue with fixing this roof is how close it comes to the existing window. Figuring out a way to flash this is going to be difficult I bet.

The North side of the house.

The South side of the house.

An odd thing about the south side of the roof. there is this little ledge that is covered in seriously deteriorated metal. Here's a shot of it through the window.

We've met with two roofers so far and have gotten back proposals from each...

Wow, getting this roof done right is going to cost a pretty penny.

I've got one more roofer scheduled to come by and quote the job but so far the two bids are about 10k apart.

The cheaper bid is from an older established roofer using what I think are old fashioned and slightly substandard materials and methods. The higher bid is from a younger guy and he appears to be using modern materials and methods that are more in line with what my research is telling me a quality roofing job should entail.

I told both roofers that I wanted a quality job that would look nice and be in character for the house/neighborhood and would last at least 40yrs.

Even though its more expensive I got a much better vibe from the younger guy. One thing I liked also about the younger guy was he thought the roofs on the house had a couple of years left in them...the garage shingles are dead he said but the house roof wasn't in super horrible shape.

What might possibly happen if we can't swing the roof is we'll band aid the garage roof through another rainy season and hopefully get the entire place re-roofed next spring.

We'll see what the third guy comes up with.



Jim said...

I saw the "metal drip-rake edge on top" error on many houses in the East Bay; including, unfortunately, my former house in El Cerrito. No idea why; almost certainly always done without permits.

The MadScientist said...

I think that maybe in Alameda there are no inspections for roof permits...I think...You just pull it over the counter and if its a simple tear off and reroof and think that's the end of it...

Tiffany Larsen said...

Wow, those shingles looked worn out. How did you get up there to take all those pictures? It’s because moss-covered roofs can be quite dangerous to climb. Anyway, it’s a good thing that you sought the help of professional roofers to do the job.