Saturday, August 27, 2011

And Now The Hard Work Begins Part 2

Okay when last we left we talked about the work that had to happen in the basement.

Now lets talk about the work that has to happen on the 2nd floor.

Converting Two Studio Apartments Into A Single One Bedroom

Here is the approved plan for the conversion.

You can see that maybe its a weird lay out but it fulfills our requirements for the least amount of work required. And I believe I can do this without having to have the tenant that currently occupies the C unit move out.

Here are some shots of the interior of Unit B.

The super sweet bathroom

The water heater is in a closet in the bathroom. Its an electric model.

Here's a shot of the kitchen. That's the bathroom door on the right.

Kitchen from the doorway looking in.
This unit does have a working gas range, old fridge and a dishwasher!

 The main living area of the unit.
 Here is the closet that I am going to shorten to make the hallway.

The main living area as viewed from the front door.

What Has To Be Done

Nothing!!! Hurray!!!!

Nothing!!! Hurray!!!!

I need to tie both subpanels back together at the meter base and make sure the main cut off at the meter base can handle the load.

Gots to add the wired smoke and CO detectors.

Need to add more outlets to comply with current codes-AFCI protected.

Need to add switched over head lights and exterior lights for the doors.

I'm going to have to shorten the back to back closets and create a hallway.

Remove it completely and turn it into a regular room.

I have to cap all the plumbing for the kitchen in the walls.
I have to cap the gas line to the kitchen as its meter will be servicing the new unit in the basement. 
I'm going to keep the two electric water heaters for now. I figure this way the tenant and a guest and both shower at the same time!

There is an electric wall mount heater that works... I might change it out for a newer one or go with the super hideous electric baseboard heat... I don't think it makes sense to add a furnace to this little unit....does it? Or maybe a mini-split system? It does get pretty darn hot up in these little back units...that might be getting a little fancy though?

How does that sound to everyone?
Course I haven't even thought about if I need to do things like freshen the bath? It appears to be in good working order it just looks a little dated.


Count said...

I'm pretty sure you have already thought of this, but from the drawing it seems that you have no light switch on the master bedroom by the door coming from the new hallway. Depending how the master bedroom will be laid out, it can be a pain and a hazard not to have a way to turn on the lights when coming from the living room.
And if you already know that the unit can get hot in the summer, get the split unit installed. The tenants will thank you for it and be happier as they can get a good nights sleep even when it's pushing 100F outside :)

Anonymous said...

I'd leave the bathrooms alone for now - you have enough on your plate without messing with something that works! They don't look too bad - maybe new paint (something other than white unless that is the tenant's preference) and call it a day.

Hope your back is feeling better.

Orlando, FL

The MadScientist said...

You're right...actually now that I look at it I think I need two additional switches, one where you say and one at the doorway into the closet.
In practice, the closet will most likely be used as a bedroom and the bedroom will probably be a family room or something.

The MadScientist said...

Ya, I think you're right, I will probably just freshen up the paint..maybe change the light fixture over the mirror...

Thanks for asking about the back..its not feeling better..been almost a week and it hurt so bad yesterday I almost collasped...seeing the doc today.