Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Halloween in August!?!?!?!

Okay I admit that this has nothing to do with old houses.

Rant Mode On

I am FREAKING SICK of stores putting out decorations for holidays MONTHS in advance!
I was just at the local SafeWay and they already have Halloween decorations out! Its the freaking middle of August for Pete's sake! Now everyone who's spent anytime reading this blog knows that Chez Neumansky LOVES Halloween....but jeez, in the middle of August???

I was sorta standing there stupefied looking at the decorations and at least 4 people walked by and they all did the same thing... 'Halloween??? in August!?!?!?!?' shaking their heads in disbelief as they walked away...

I can't be the only person who feels this way?

Who else is sick of seeing Christmas decorations on sale before Halloween??

How many times has this happened to you. Its about the middle of October (when 'normal' people start thinking of decorating for Halloween) and you head out to your local big box store for some fun Halloween decorations...AND THERE IS NONE!!! All they have out is Christmas stuff!!!

I have nothing against Christmas...but who wants to be assaulted by Christmas stuff starting in October? Can anybody actually handle hearing Christmas carols for that long?

Don't y'all think it makes the holiday LESS special when its in your face for like three months?

There Outta Be A Law!!!!!!!

They can make laws about, just about any darn thing...well there outta be law on holiday decorations and merchandise!

I say, no decorations up and no merchandise out until 30days before the actual Holiday!
That would mean no Halloween stuff out until Oct 1st.

That would mean no Christmas stuff out until the day after Thanksgiving. What ever happened to Thanksgiving anyways?

City Council Members can pass laws right? Or boards of supervisors? I say, everybody emails there local representative and tells them that they are SICK to death of merchants putting out merchandise MONTHS ahead of the holiday.

I'll start, here's a link to the Alameda City Councils contact info. Click on their names to email them.

Contact your local elected official and tell them,
There Outta Be A Law!

Heck, if we can't get the elected officials to get off their duffs and do the right thing we'll make our own law. A referendum or something!

 If you feel as I do please pass this on to anyone who might be interested in the message.

Who's with me??? Anyone??? Beullar...? Beullar???

Rant Mode Off

I feel better now....

Update 08-29-11
Not a single Alameda city elected politician even bothered to reply to my email. I sent them a link to this blog post with the subject heading of 'They're outta be a law'...
Guess they're too busy to answer an internet crack pot...


Anonymous said...

You know, if everybody just refused to buy the stuff until 30 days before the holiday, maybe the stores would stop displaying it so early. Start a movement!

Mark B said...

I'm with ya, but they wouldn't put it out there unless someone was buying it. Not surprised someone in Cali would call for more gov regulation.

The MadScientist said...

Okay so two people have mentioned the logic of. 'They wouldn't put it out if people weren't buying it'.

I honestly think that this is an example of putting the cart in front of the horse.

Here's what I propose you do. Ask as many people as you can if they are planning on buying Christmass stuff in October and or if they were exicted by the fact that they could already buy Christmass stuff in Oct.

I did just that and asked 30 people. Not a single person said that they were going to buy christmass decorations in Oct nor was anybody excited about the ability to do same. You try it and report back your results.

From a business standpoint I think that the stores are shooting themselves in the foot ignoring Halloween.

Last time I researched it, Halloween was like a $5B business in the U.S. and growing like 20% a year. By removing all Halloween merch by the middle of Oct and putting out the Christmass crap are they not screwing themselves over?

This exact reason is why Spirit Superstores do so well. By the middle of Oct they are usually the only game in town for Haloween stuff.

What the megamarts should do is do a strong Halloween push through out Oct and then start the Christmass crap in Nov. (sorry thanksgiving).