Thursday, October 6, 2011

Art Deco Movie Theater....

That's the look we've decided to go for in our TV room.

To that end we've bought some odds and ends.

Like these cool outlet and switch covers.

Notice the cool repro push button switch. Its a 3-way and a dimmer!

This art deco-ish overhead light.

Annnd the main thing, this super cool new sleeper couch!

We think this couch looks super deco movie theater.(gotta hide that made in America tag better next time I take a picture).

It is a TIGHT squeeze though. Now we can fit 4 adults in comfort to veg out while staring at the flat screen. The couch is comfy and soft.

We bought the couch from the same place in SF where we have literally bought every other bit of furniture we own. Its called Build A Sofa and you can literally customize just about every aspect of the couch. For ours, we wanted it to be a foot wider and a problem they just costs more. You can choose the fabric and the piping color and how many pillows and how firm the cushions are...and its made in America!!! I'm not going to say that their stuff is heirloom quality..its certainly waaay better than IKEA. To get the same level of quality you'd have to pay at least twice as much from a place like Macy's.

Up Next
We want to paint the walls in the room the same color as the piping on the sofa, a sorta steel blue.

We also have to figure out what an 'Art Deco' window treatment would be? We hate the blinds (that don't work anyways) but are stumped as to what to replace them with. Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

The quick research I did suggests that simple and/or minimal treatments would be appropriate. The blinds would actually be OK - but if they don't work & you hate them then get rid of them.

I would probably go with a roller blind or roman shade inset in the window frame with a boxed valance of some sort - plain with geometric trim or Art Deco inspired print or stencil.

Love the couch & the electrical covers.

Orlando, FL

Anonymous said...

how about Austrian Shades in a blackout material?

The MadScientist said...

Hi Cheryl, Anon,

I actually like the Austian Shade..but it would need to come in a blackout version as this will also be a guest sleeping room....

Maybe make the window covering look like the fancy curtains that used to cover the screen in the old art deco movie theaters??

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the outlet cover from? It is very nice.

The MadScientist said...

We got the outlet covers from House of Antique Hardware