Friday, October 14, 2011

Steamy Goodness!!!

We Have Steam!!!!!!!!!!!
Good thing we're in the middle of an October heat wave....

Finally got around to replacing the bashed on steam generator for our silly shower in the master bath.

Here's a shot of the unit before installation.

Its the only 120V model Jacuzzi makes...... it seems pretty budget...

The spot on the wall where the old unit was.

Step one new unit mounted to wall.

Had to use anchors...there's never a stud around when you need one is there?
Cold water supply hooked up.

That white tube on the bottom is a water filter.
See the brass rt angle on top of the unit and the half a union coming out of the wall? I had to figure out a way to hook the two together...

The old push button in the shower was destroyed so I had to replace it with the new one that came with the kit....

Except for some crazy reason..the hardware on the original was not water proof...

Those screws are totally rusted!
I had to chew out the plastic to get rid of this old mounting bezel.

Bezel gone.

You can see right through and into my closet!

New switch has no complicated clamping mechanism.

Just 100% Silicone caulk on the back side.

Union Adaptor Widget.

To hook up the steam generator to the steam delivery tube I had to fab up the above adaptor...ya I know my soldering skills suck...but it didn't leak. I had to go around to EVERY place that sold plumbing in the area to find the exact same 3/4" union...of course the PO bought it at Home Despot...

Here's how it all looks put together.

And now lets push the button and see what happens....


It took about four minutes to fill our little shower with steam.

Its a great thing that I got this all done during an October heat wave!

Hope it stays warm and sunny through Halloween!!!

Though, we can't wait for it to be Coooooold so we can try the steam shower.

Next Up, Halloween, for sure this time.


Curtis said...

We're really looking forward to our first Halloween on the island. I can't wait to see what you guys do with a canvas like your new place.

bette said...

For that blank space in the yard: how about something on the killer bees theme?