Sunday, November 13, 2011

De-Construction Day 1

The first day of de-construction in the illegal basement units went pretty well I think.

First off, here's what $3000 in HVAC equipment looks like.

I thought it'd be a bigger pile no?

First I pulled up the carpets, which I'd never done before. It was easier than I'd imagined.

Don't love how they just put the carpet right on the cement floor. I have no idea what kind of under slab water management systems where put in place. I'd have to guess NONE! I'm hoping now that I've 'fixed' the downspouts that there will not be any problem.

Here's a shot that looks like there is some water seeping into the basement somewhere. Like that big crack in the floor too no? So far I have not seen a single expansion joint in the slab....but lots of cracks big enough to fit my pinky in.
The carpet and pad where not wet but we're just starting our rainy season.

The kitchen before the unbuilding.

After pulling off the little bit of crown molding running across the uppers I was able to unscrew them and take them down pretty easily....scary how it seems that the thing that was holding these cabinets to the wall was the paint...they missed the studs on a lot of the screws.

Speaking of Screwy.
The PO tried to hide the fact that this was supposed to be a working kitchen...he hid the cook top mechanicals.
Bad temporary patch

The cabinet above the cook top had a false back and bottom.
These holes were covered with panels.

The upper cabinets came down in like half an hour! This is easy I was thinking....

Uppers Gone

Next I went to the other kitchen and removed the upper cabinets there in much the same way.

Now you see em

Now you don't.

Of course unbuilding the lower cabinets is going to be a bit harder in this kitchen...
I've been using this kitchen as my electronics work bench through out the month of October....where am I going to put all this stuff???

I got all the uppers down in less than an hour and I was thinking...this is going to be EASY!....

Then I started looking at the base cabinets...
To unbuild the lowers you first have to remove the counter top, then unscrew them to each other then unscrew them from any sleepers....

I call this shot, 'I'm F'd'

That is a shot of the counter top mounting block. Theres one on each inside corner of each cabinet. What you are supposed to do is screw up through this to attach your countertop...see how that one isn't being used? None of them were....

Instead they did this

They screwed down through the plywood and into the cabinets...not one or two screws per cabinet like 8 per...making it basically fricken impossible to easily remove the counter top....

You see the super heavy-expensive granite countertop is glued to the plywood..

What I ended up doing was finding a spot where there was a gap between the plywood and the cabinet top and drove shims in there to give me enough space to slip a loooong sawzall blade in there.

Then I very, very slowly added more shims as I worked the sawzall slowly around the perimeter of the bank of cabinets cutting the screws as I went...

I only got about half way done on the first day...

So, all in all I think not a bad amount of work done on the first day.

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