Monday, November 14, 2011

DeConstruction Day 2

Day two was mostly spent wrestling with the freaking kitchen counter top...

Of course I couldn't find the camera for in progress shots so here's a bunch of after shots...

Me and MPM worked on the kitchen cabinets and got the HEAVY granite counter top off with out destroying the big section I wanted to save.

The little cut up section around the sink was not so lucky.

All the kitchen cabinets

You know what's funny..these cabinets are soooo cheap that they are actually light! A big 36" wide base cabinet should not be easily carried with one hand....These are the shipped flat packed from china and assembled here and sold at the shady Chinese cabinet place type cabinets at their finest.

After the cabinets where out of the way it was time to bust up some drywall.

Bye bye kitchen wall

Look what we found in the wall.

I'm sure that was a quality bottle....

Couple things I noticed about the wall.
The sole plate looks new but its buried in the dirt.
That's not good.

I also noticed that there does not appear to be any earthquake shear walling in this area? Since the foundation redo was done with permits I was expecting to find shear walling here...

Peeking through the wall I noticed this odd sight.

That's like a siren that appears wired up still??? But it looks like its mounted to the wall underneath the exterior stairs? What could it of been for? Odd right?

Here you can see the gas and exhaust vent line.

At least here he used the correct type of venting. But he used black pipe instead of galv and its already starting to rust....

And then, a lot of hammering and drywall coming down.
MPM was on a roll!

Big pile O drywall

Guess its time to get a dumpster....cept I have no where to put it easily....

That's it for day two.

If anybody has a good technique for removing the ceiling drywall I'd love to hear it.
The PO put homosote and 5/8" drywall on the ceiling and the combo is making it very hard to knock holes in it with the framing hammers.

Next up, more drywall coming down!


Anonymous said...

Siren might be some kind of burglar alarm.

Black pipe is a requirement for gas lines (not supposed to use galvanized since flecks can get loose and clog gas jets).

Not sure about current standards, but sheer walling not always a requirement for foundation replacements (at least it wasn't when I did mind in the 90s)

The MadScientist said...

are in Alameda/
I have never seen black pipe on a gas job here ever. In fact, when we did the extensive gas repiping of Chez 2.0 I used galv and the inspector had no problem with it.
PG&E uses galv pipe also???

Maybe its a regonial thing but its certainly not required by code here.

The foundation was done in '01 and should of included earthquake retro fitting...problem is, city can't find the fricken finaled plans...If I could look at the plans I'd know a lot..but they can't find them....