Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Halloween Phase 3

Better late than never I guess....actually, I'm just avoiding doing more demo in the basement......

Halloween Phase 3!!!

Overall Shots

Yep, going from phase 2 to phase 3 is probably more subtle than most people would like. We finished the yard with another cemetery section. Used rebar and fake chain to rope off areas and to create a path. I'm sorry, for some reason we don't have an overhead shot looking down...We put out our two zombies and trashcan surprise along with the pro fogger we've had in storage.

Creepy Close Up Pics

Pumpkin Zombie
He was placed in the new part of the cemetery right next to the path. When he was activated he scared a lot of people.
Daddy Zombie
Daddy Zombie here was part of the secret surprise when you talked to Bob. We called it the the zombie family picnic with the daddy zombie and the baby zombie.

We added the scythe and now he's holding a flaming skull.  Its funny this was probably the easiest scene to do and it seemed to get the strongest reaction from people...go figure...

Peter Pumpkin

Here's a shot of our magic talking pumpkin Peter. He comes alive every Halloween time to talk to kids and tell them Halloween jokes. We borrowed a much, much better projector this year so Peter Pumpkin was much easier to see. He tells baaaaaaad Halloween jokes and the back story to the haunt. The younger kids seemed to like it. Though, really, I think they liked the munchkin sized hales to sit on the most....

Trash Can Trauma

When actuated via foot switch the lid violently jerks open, the head pops out and strobe light goes off and a voice says 'Boo!!!! Did I scare you??? Happy Halloween!! Ha, Ha, Ha!' This was placed right in the line for candy and we scared A LOT of kids with it. This was the first animated prop I made many, many years ago. Its been in storage since we moved to Alameda so we just had to bring it out...even though it might not really fit with the theme....

Bob is the face from the magic mirror in the Disney Snow White Movie. He is a digital puppet who can talk to the kids. Of course Bob was back this year. Slightly smaller than last year but still a big hit! I didn't realize how many fans Bob had....people kept coming up to us non-stop during the month to ask/check if Bob was going to be back this year.

Couple 'Arty' Shots

Next up, shots of the big night and hopefully some video!!!

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