Friday, February 25, 2011

New Lights for the Baths and Kitchen

My First house project on the new place?
Rip out the dirty nasty non functional halogen puck lights under the counters and replace them with nice fluorescent lights.

Here's the old ripped out really looked like they were installed and wired by retarded monkeys...

And voila the new lights are in! At least there was a switched outlet on top of the cabinets to plug them into. The switch to the left of the sink turns them on.

Here's me futzing with the light on the other side of the stove.
Now I just need to change the overhead light to CF only fixture and I should be title 24 compliant.

Lots of blanked off wall plates in the house. This one is over baby madscientists vanity....

Yay fire!!!! Everyone know's we love fire....but not in my electrical boxes.

Bought new lights for the babies bath and our bath...unfortunately the glass for one of them showed up like this....

Here's the lights we chose. What do y'all think? We looked at a lot of lights....lots and lots and lots of lights...
The lights for the babies bath. Pancake boxes suck.

Here's the same lights installed in our bath. We are thinking of using this line through out the house.
In this shot you can see the medicine cabinet I installed also..yay some storage and a mirror...cept our sink is some how totally plugged....I looked down the drain and gaa...its packed solid with what looks like hair!! ugh...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

So, You Think You May Be Interested In Buying The Chez?

Okay, so you might be interested in buying the Chez? You've found your way to this blog..take a minute to read this post to acquaint yourself with the super fabulous Chez Neumansky 2.0

The Chez is a 1896 Victorian Triplex 4-3 of 2858 sq ft. on a 3500sq ft lot for $485k. Many Original Details intact. The house is legally a tri-plex but its not set up that way. You, as the new owner could set it up as a tri-plex, a duplex or a single family home with an in-law apartment for the grandparents.
Nice custom laid antique brick driveway and path and carriage style automatic garage door visible in this shot.

Walk up the stairs and come in the front door which appears original with original glass and the original working stained glass transom window and you have this entryway.
Yes its a little rough, ready for some new owner to put their stamp on the place.

Turn left from the entry and you have what was originally the formal parlour.
The giant fish and tank are not part of the deal.

Next to the formal parlour is this room that would of been the formal dinning room. That's the original mantle there, still in pretty good shape.
This room has a nice three window bay to the left here.

View down the hallway from the other end.

Here's the 'kitchen' from the doorway. Its a really good sized room for a eat in kitchen. A blank slate waiting for the next owner to finish it.
Those windows are large and get great morning light.

Kitchen from the other angle.

There is a good sized bedroom off the kitchen. Again, a blank slate. This room still has the original picture rail.

Bedroom from the other angle. A good sized double decker closet was added at some time.

Off the bedroom and kitchen is this room that we just called the sun porch. It became the nursery when baby MadScientist was born.

Off the kitchen-sunroom is this decent sized deck.

If you go up the stairs to the top floor you have this large space that would make an excellent master bedroom. On the back what was once a covered porch was converted into a bathroom at some time and would make a good sized master bath.
Original claw-foot tub on the left there...that goes with the place.

Master Bedroom from the bathroom looking back the other way.
This entire top floor is gutted and cleaned out and ready to become the master bedroom retreat of your dreams!
Going through that doorway and down the little hall you have.

The second bedroom on the top floor. This is also a good sized room with a decent sized closet for a Victorian.

Second Bedroom from the other angle.
On the floor to the right of this picture you see all the original trim from this level that was carefully pried off for reusal. We were planning to have it stripped and then we were going to re-install it.

Now, heading all the way down stairs and out to the bottom level you have this big room. Again this area is gutted and cleaned and ready to be finished.
This pic shows the great room area for the bottom floor apartment.
This also shows the super fab radiant heating system on the wall to the left. It heats this floor and the next floor up and is designed to heat the top floor also-but no heat is installed up there yet.
Through the doorway you have this.

Hallway leading to the rest of the bottom unit and the back door. The doorway on the left is,

The bedroom.

Bedroom from the other angle.
Good sized room with built in storage shelves.

On the other side of the hallway is this bathroom. Most of the supplies to finish the bathroom are included in the sale. Here you see the super cool wall hung toilet, the vanity with a fancy mirror and the shower system. Also included is most of the fixtures. The rough DWV and elec have been signed off for the bath.

Here is the laundry area- extra room for the bottom unit. Behind those fancy stain grade doug fir doors (which come with the sale) is rough DWV and a gas line for the laundry.

Through the doorway at the end of the hallway is this fabulous stamped concrete outdoor entertaining area with built in fire pit.
Crazy Burning Man fire art does not come with the house but is negotiable...ever want an 8' tall metal tulip that can shoot 30' fireballs??

That's the pictorial tour of the place. As you can see its not exactly in move-in condition. The majority of the dirty, hard expensive work has been done for you now its just waiting for the right adventurous people to take over and make the house 'their' dream home.

With The 203k Program You Don't Do ANY Work!
Remember that with the 203k loan program you, as the new owner don't do any work, the loan covers the cost to buy the house and to finish fixing it up by a pro contractor. To be clear if someone agrees to buy the house for $485k thats not going to be the loan amount you have to qualify for. For discussions sake lets say that it will cost $115k (a number that I think is well within reality for a not fancy-schmancy level of finish)to have the house finished by a professional then your loan amount would be for $600k and you'd need to qualify and come up with the down payment for that amount.

If you REALLY want to know about the house go back to here and read forward. This blog is a pictorial chronicle of just about everything right or wrong with the house and all the work we did on it. This Blog is the worlds most in-depth disclosure statement.

The foundation redo starts here. You'll get the full saga of redoing the foundation, slab and the sunken living room.

The radiant heat install starts here.

If interested please contact our Realtor. You can email him here

Monday, February 14, 2011

Moving Is SOooooooo Much Fun!!!

So Febuary 14th was moving day...I set it on V-day cause well.... I frigen hate that day and what better way to spend it than moving?

Man, moving sucks...the movers showed up over an hour late and we were moving until after 9pm! Why do they always try to blame you for that kind of stuff? told us you only had this much stuff....How the hell am I supposed to know how many boxes I'm going to have before they are even packed!?!?!

Trying to learn our lesson from when we moved into this place...I took 3 full truck loads of 'stuff' to the new place even before the movers showed up!

This is the kind of scary stuff you see when you don't clean behind your washer and dryer that double as kitchen counters....ick...

The purple couch ready to go...

Of course is was that actually rained pretty hard that day...

The lone little pumpkin left in that sad...

Skip hours and hours of moving as the movers slowed waaaaaaaay down...

The new place has lady bugs!!! Lots and lots and lots of lady bugs. It kinda freaked baby madscientist out a bit...

Trying to figure out how to fit 20 lbs of poop in a 10 lb sack....
On a side note, this kitchen is really, poorly laid out.. with lots of wasted dead space in the cabinets....
Crappiest thing, no way we can fit our fancy 36" wide Wolf stove in here...not without a MAJOR remodel which is not going to happen unless we hit the lotto or something...

Trying to unpack the bathroom. Which was made much harder by the utter lack of storage space!

Baby MadScientist whipping her daddy into shape.

I seriously friggen hate moving...we did all we could to make this move go easier and it still took two days of 'professional' movers to get most of our stuff over to the new house....most, not all....

All I'm saying is that I really, truely, hope this is our last move ever....until we take that final move....

Sunday, February 6, 2011

We Had A Cocktail Party!!!

Not wanting to make the same mistake the previous owner (PO) did with the house we wanted to get off on the right foot with our new neighbors. Soooo we invited all of our new neighbors and old neighbors and some friends over for a cocktail party a couple of days after we closed escrow.

Costco Tequila plus Trader Joe's Margarita mix equals new friends and good times.

The new neighbor turn out was pretty good. I think a lot of them were really curious about what exactly the house looked like on the inside.....we spent a lot of time explaining what the city was going to make us do and how yes WE had to pay the 26k in fines not the PO...
Here's the snack, and booze spread. I guess that goofy breakfast bar will be good for something.

Lots of kids... having a great time as there was no furniture and they could run around up and down the stairs and have a good time.

kids, friends, family.

Here was the general response from our friends and old neighbors... 'Holy Crap this place is friggen huge!'

Old neighbors doing the 'Holy Crap' thing.

Grandpa madscientist was able to make it out. He even climbed all the stairs!

Our Realtor and wife and on of the nanny share families enjoying the booze..
We ran out that morning and bought an antique table and chairs from Craigs list but we knew we were not going to have enough... Our tenant to the rescue...from her <500sqft>

Grandpa and Baby Madscientist sharing a moment.

Friends and neighbors enjoying the soon to be library.

Momma and baby.

Baby Madscientist chilling under the table with some blocks.

Cousins! Baby madscientist has a lot of built-in baby sitters with all her female cousins.

View out the top window looking towards the bay that night...right down there in the middle next to those three palm trees you can just barely see water. On a clearer day you can see all the way across the bay to South San Francisco.

The camera has a sunset I took a pic of the setting sun from the top floor.

The party was a success with lots of old and new friends coming together. We met a lot of the neighbors and they all seem like nice people. They just want to make sure we're not going to do anything 'funny' to the house....I think we convinced them that we are legit...