Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Halloweeeeeen From Spaaaaaaaaace!!!

Say that like 'Pigs in Space' from the old Muppet show....does anybody remember that but me?
Any who, the haunt nerd group I'm a part of sent out an alert that Google maps had updated their satellite pictures of the SF Bay area at the end of October....

Know what that means? It means you can see our Halloween decorations on the satellite photo!!

Check it out!!

See, Halloweeeeeeeeeen frooooom Spaaaaaaaaaace!!!!!!

Not sure exactly when this was taken but it must of been right at the end of October as I didn't have all that stuff out until the last week.

Why, yes I am a huge dork.


Joel said...

That is cool!

Jessamyn said...!

(Yes, I loved Pigs in Space!)