Saturday, March 31, 2012

Kitchen Redo Ideas Part 2

Okay after much internal discussion here's where we are at.
The new hallway idea under the stars is out.

Right now we like the 'most reasonable square foot' idea.
For reference here's the existing kitchen
Several people have been confused about whats around the existing kitchen so here's a slightly bigger version of the floor plan around the existing kitchen.
We're still up for different ideas for folks who want to try their hand at moving walls.

Here's the blank slate version of our current fav wall layout.
We would love it if someone wants to take a stab at completely redoing the kitchen layout.
I think we are having trouble seeing past the existing to what could be.
The only design constraint is that those are our actual appliances and they have to fit and we want to keep a breakfast bar kinda thing roughly where it still is.

Help Us Design Our Pantry
The big pantry is kinda weirdly shaped and we are hitting a mental roadblock on how to best utilize the space.

I can not for the life of me figure out how to make a room in Chief Arch with a sloped you get the above for now. The slope of the ceiling in the pantry is not ideal.
We envision the use of this as a place to store all of our bulky items, all of our small kitchen appliances and other infrequently used kitchen stuff. 

Anybody have any ideas?

Now, More Pretty Pictures.

Here's what the breakfast bar looks like from from the entry looking back towards the kitchen.

Here's a shot standing in the dining room and looking into the kitchen.
You can see the pull out utility pantry on the left.

This shot was taking standing at the stove and looking back at the breakfast bar.

This view is what you would see sitting at the breakfast bar.

Any ideas/help would be greatly appreciated.

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