Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kitchen Redo Ideas

With the code enforcement permit being signed off for the basement my near term priorities have changed. We need to get the kitchen up to code and the deck also.

For the kitchen we've decided to install our big (6" wider than the existing) Wolf stove now. This means we have to at least change the base cabinet to the right of the stove, the hood, the cabinet above the hood and the wall cabinet immediately to the right of the stove.

Because we are extra crazy we're thinking that we should plan out our 'dream kitchen' now so that we don't have to end up buying cabinets twice. Of course, now this means we're under a huge time pressure and we're going to attempt to design our 'forever' problem....

Enough with all this text stuff...on with the pictures!!!!

Here's what the kitchen looks like and the surrounding area.
From above you can see the family room, the entryway, and unfortunately I cut out most of the dining room that is where the entrance to the kitchen is. We don't want to push into the family room as we love the idea of a separate sound proof space to watch movies in. We don't want to push into the dining room as it's all original and well, we actually use it.
That leaves the entryway we think...

Here's what the existing kitchen looks like now.
For the record I F'ing hate the existing kitchen. It's waaaaaay too dang small and poorly laid out. We have to put our baking stuff, most of our small appliances and all our Costco overflow in the dining room.

Here's what we're calling the biggest space possible idea.
It's a bit funky but hey this is just a first rough draft.
Love turning the old stairway down into a decent sized pantry.
Also, the smaller closet at the entrance is possible because we don't need this area as a chase for the HVAC exhaust.
In this initial idea the small closet becomes a pull-out pantry to store our brooms, vacuum cleaner and possibly the trash and recycling.
Not sure about the wacky acute angle in the lower left.
How can I get a corner cabinet into that space?
Also, we lose that doorway into the dining room if we do this. To get to the kitchen you will have to go through the door on the left and then through the dining room, maybe an extra ten steps compared to how we do it now.
This idea adds over 4' of counter space and upper and lower cabinets.
That, plus the pantry and the broom pantry, seems like it should be plenty of space for everything.
Using this idea the kitchen grows from being 130sqft to 165sqft (not including the pantries).

Here's the bare kitchen idea.
Just in case someone wants to take a stab at designing a kitchen from scratch.

And Finally, Pretty Pictures.

Here is what the new long wall with the acute angle could look like.

Here is the stove wall.

Here is looking at the pantry corner from the opposite corner.

A straight on view of the pantry, counter area.

What do y'all think?
We're basically only changing the lower left corner and wall of the kitchen.
Would love to hear any suggestions people have.

Initially I think that maybe I am trying to reuse design features from the existing kitchen too much. But blank slating it right now feels impossible.
Also, I'm not sure about the stairway to breakfast bar clearance. In this design there is 42" between the two.

No one likes the crazy angle, here's the non-angle version.

It's bigger now and I think bringing the pantry into the kitchen is worthwhile. As you can see with this probably more sensible version we lose 2'-4" along that wall.

Update #2
Here's an interesting idea from one of my imaginary friends.

The new hallway created has a sloped ceiling. It is only 6' on the one edge...
Could that be enough?
What do y'all think about this?


Ayse said...

As I recall, the family room is actually two rooms: a TV area and a larger play room area (for lack of better teminology). I'd be tempted to steal some of that floor space for the kitchen and have your entertainment area be a little smaller.

Rick said...

Why dont you take down the wall between the kitchen and the family room? then you will have a nice big kitchen

The MadScientist said...

North is Up in all my diagrams.
So for our kitchen the east and south walls are load bearing and can not be easily move.
The north and west walls are just partions that can be changed relatively easily.

Of course our first idea was the removal of the north wall and expansion into the TV room...
Buuut, we both feel that we want to keep the TV room the way it is. semi-isloated (we will have a teen someday), sound proof yet right next to the kitchen.

So, for us it seems like pushing out the west wall is our only option...
What we need to figure out is, if it would be worth it to gain another 3' of cabinets, counter top and to bring the pantry closet into the kitchen.