Thursday, March 15, 2012

This Can't Be Okay, Can It?

Holy Bowing Studs Batman!!!

Take a look at the pic below.

Those 2by4 studs are bowed pretty seriously.
With my 4' level up against it, it looks like they bow about 1" out!

I didn't notice this before but in the pic below from the previous post I think you can see just see the bow.

There's no way this could of just happened right?

I'm a bit concerned because this wall is the original end of the house.
There are two floors above this which makes me think that this wall should of been done
with 2by6's instead of 2by4's.

I'm thinking that I should not leave them this way.

Anybody have any thoughts on what I should do about this situation?



Ayse said...

Are they bowing from weight, or from being cheap wood?

The MadScientist said...

The wood is stamped #2 so its at least graded and its not 'stud grade'.

This is the only load bearing wall in the basement that's 2by4's and its the only wall with bowed studs.

I doubht that that's a coincidence do you? Though someone else noticed that the studs were put in un plumb so maybe that's a contributing factor?

I've talked to several pros and they all say to call in the SE.