Friday, March 2, 2012

What You Don't Want To See On A Friday Night....

Soooo, been a long week of working...been an especially long Friday of ailments are a ailing me and I come downstairs after a nice looooong hot shower and discover this....
Click on video below.

Yep, that's water dripping out of our ceiling light in the kitchen....and I was already in my PJ's too.....
I'm thinking a pipe sprung a leak or the tenants toilet or bathtub is currently overflowing or....

Soooo, back on the work clothes and out comes the ladder...
The kitchen has a dropped ceiling that I can just squeeze my non-petit frame into...this is going to be soooo great for my back.

I shine a light around and there is no water coming from any of the copper pipes....thank jeebus.
None of the ABS DWV piping appears to be leaking either?

After much shimmying I can see a couple puddles of water on the backside of the ceiling drywall.
After much more searching about with the flashlight I discover that the water is actually dripping through the floor from one of the studio units!!!

Off I go to knock on our tenants doors...great, nobody where did I put those keys...we are not the most organized landlords....

I get into one unit and start looking around under the kitchen sink...nothing.
This unit has a fish tank which is of course making a loud dripping water noise that is totally throwing me off. But, the tank is not leaking.

Onto the bathroom...where I discover the source of the leak!
The faucet in the bathroom has a slow drip and the tenant put a pan under it to catch the water which is great as water is included in their rents.
The only problem was is that the pan was full and overflowing onto the counter where it was running off to the caulkless crack between the vanity and the wall.
It wasn't a ton of water and I don't know how long it had been dripping that way but pulling the pan away from the faucet would stop the dripping into our kitchen I hoped.

I checked the other unit just to be sure and it looked fine.

Came back down stairs and crawled back into the dropped ceiling to mop up the puddles.

The next day there were no new puddles and its been dry ever since.

Owww, my back....where's my Scotch?

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Anonymous said...

See, this is what my landlord doesn't understand: Good tenants DO ask you to fix things.