Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Another Kitchen Redesign Idea

I've had a lot of imaginary friends helping with the redesign of the kitchen....ahem

Here's a slightly modified floor plan for the kitchen.
What's different here is that we've moved the fridge to a new wall and recessed it into what was originally going to be some sort of broom-trash storage closet.
We also flipped the DW and the sink because EVERYBODY says you can't have a sink at the end of a run of cabinets....

I like this idea because it frees up space around the stove...but now I'm not sure where the broom closet stuff is supposed to go?

Where can we put the mop, broom, trash and recycling bins?

We Still Need Help With The Closets-Pantries.

Here's a different shot of both closets and the appliances we need to fit.
How can we best utilize the space in the pantry closet for bulk storage and small kitchen appliance storage...and now possibly broom closet stuff also?

Pretty Pictures.

Here's what this current design looks like if you are standing at the stove and looking back at the rest of the kitchen.
Sorry about the odd color walls...but the granite and cabinet colors are spot on for what we have now....yes our kitchen has a silly amount of granite...

Here's how it looks standing at the corner by the fridge and looking back.
Yep, lots of granite....

Here's how it looks from the dining room entryway looking into the kitchen.

And here is how it looks if you are standing in the entryway and looking through the breakfast bar opening and into the kitchen.

So, whats everybody think?


Cheryl said...

Looks like the stove area will be much less cramped by moving the refrigerator to that location.

You can probably hang some of the brooms, etc. either on the inside of the pantry door or on the wall just inside the door - but because the door can't open very wide you'll have to see if it makes access to the pantry difficult.

This appeals to me the most of all the options you've thrown out for comment - hope you get more thoughts on the trash, recyclables and cleaning storage.

The MadScientist said...

Hi Cheryl and thanks for commenting.

Actually the pantry will not have a door so the door issues you point out probably won't matter.

I'm told IKEA has a tall skinny broom closet pull out that might fit behind the fridge so that could hopefully handle that stuff....

The trash is still a mystery to me....putting it in a base cabinet takes up sooooo much space...

Lesley said...

I'm not sure I understand the breakfast bar opening to the entryway. Is that to get more light in the kitchen or just open things up? Or do you actually plan to eat there? Seems strange to eat sitting in the entryway (vs if the bar opened up to some sort of family/living space).

Paradox said...

What's in the wall space across from the refrigerator (the bottom right corner)?

If nothing structural, maybe punch a small/shallow closet on the wall facing the refrigerator?

The MadScientist said...

That space is there to accommodate the door swing for the bathroom off the dining room so we can't do anything with it unless we changed the door to a pocket door or something.

The MadScientist said...

If you look at the previous kitchen post there is a full floorplan showing the entryway and the area around it.

The entryway is actually a good sized 'hub' room with a big opening to the library, and a doorway to the formal parlour.

So, we actually use the breakfast bar to eat at. It let's in a lot of light to the kitchen and that's where we like to put out the drinks when we have parties.