Thursday, April 26, 2012

Home Despot Cabinet Quote

Just got back from my third appointment with the Home Despot kitchen designer.
We think we've got it all figured out and this is our final, best KraftMaid version of our kitchen.
We've decided on the Englewood door style in Cherry wood and 48" high upper cabinets, the tallest KraftMaid makes...which caused us a couple of problems...their 'best' construction option APC, which is all plywood finished ends and nice pulls and handles and crown and light rail and, and, and,.....seems like it goes on for ever...

First, The Floor Plan
Looks pretty familiar doesn't it? They basically got everything we wanted to fit to fit with a minimum of filler panels. Kraftmaid can only do cabinets in 3" width increments so I was worried about this. Also, the upper corner cabinet only came in the angled front design in the 48" height...not supper happy about that and it doesn't have lazy Susan's in it? All the next sizes down do..what up wit dat?

Now Some Pretty Pics.

This view is standing at the stove corner and looking back at the kitchen.

This view is standing at the corner near the fridge and looking back at the kitchen.
We hadn't thought of a farmhouse sink before but we like the idea but in stainless of course.

View of the pantry.
Seems like none of the designers I spoke with could figure out anything more clever than shelves in the pantry. The narrow width and sloping ceiling are stumping them. These shelves and brackets will match the cabinets exactly. What I will have to do is stair step the shelves (not shown) up the wall.

What's It Gonna Cost???
Take a guess....its actually less than I thought.

Kraftmaid and Home Despot are actually running a couple of specials right now...we got the crown molding, the sink base and trash base all for free!!!

The total without discounts $20803.09!!!!
The total with discounts is $14263.20!!!! and that includes shipping and tax.
We knew that quality kitchen cabinets are not cheap but this actually seems pretty reasonable to me....its not pocket change that's for sure but it does seem reasonable.

Next Up
Where's the designs and quotes from the two other guys???


Britten said...

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The MadScientist said...

Hi britten,
I'll take a look at cabinetgiant buuut...
Last time I looked at these places the quality of the materials and construction and the available options where below what I was looking for.